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Kazakh IS Fighters Call on Fellow Countrymen to Rise Up in Video

Kazakh Islamic State (IS) fighters in Deir al-Zour, Syria, were made the centerpiece of a video calling on their fellow countrymen to rise up against their government.

IS Supporters Highlight Disabled Fighter in Syrian Battlefield to Shame the Able-Bodied

After the Islamic State (IS) published a communique for a suicide bombing on SDF in Deir al-Zour, and revealed its executor as a disabled fighter, group supporters distributed a video…

Maldivian Pro-IS Group Releases Video Chant Shaming Muslims for Inaction

Haqqu Media, a Maldivian pro-Islamic State (IS) group, released a video nasheed (chant) in Dhivehi shaming Muslims for inaction and calling on them to actively participate in jihad.

Alleged IS Fighter in Caucasus Threatens Attacks in Russia in Video

An alleged Islamic State (IS) fighter in the Caucasus threatened attacks in Russia and announced the establishment of a new battalion in a video.

AQAP Video Shows Clashes with Houthi Fighters in al-Bayda'

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a video documenting its clashes with Houthi fighters in Yemen's al-Bayda' governorate.

Hamza bin Laden Continues to Vilify KSA Founder for "Betrayals," Explores Uqair Convention in 4th Episode in Series

Al-Qaeda (AQ) official Hamza bin Laden, a son of Usama, continued to vilify the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, exploring the Uqair Convention and his agreements with the…

Syria-based Maldivian Fighters Featured in Military Training Video

The Maldivian Bilad al-Sham Media released a military training video featuring Syria-based Maldivian fighters.

Taking from Hollywood Films, Pro-IS Group Produces Hypothetical Video on IS Attack on Washington

The pro-Islamic State (IS) Abd al-Faqir Media released the second episode in its series on hypothetical attacks, this time featuring an IS strike on Washington, DC.

AQAP Video Stresses Importance of Fighters Guarding Secrets, Highlights Espionage Among Spies in its Ranks

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a video stressing the importance of fighters guarding secrets even from the most trustworthy of people, and highlighting espionage among spies in its…

AQ-Aligned Jaysh al-Malahem Releases Video on Liberating Mushayrifa and Tal Khaznah

The al-Qaeda (AQ)-aligned Jaysh al-Malahem released a video on its fighters' participation in the "liberation" of Mushayrifa and Tal Khaznah in Syria's Idlib governorate.