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HTS Releases Video of Captive IRGC Officer Appealing for Release

'Amaq Video Shows Dead Children Pulled from Rubble Following Airstrike in Nangarhar

IS' al-Hayat Identifies 404 Casualties in 118 Attacks in Statistical Breakdown of Ops (October 11-17)

HTS Official Spins Khashoggi's Murder and Lack of Saudi Accountability as Call to Arms

IS' al-Hayat Identifies 406 Casualties in 103 Attacks in Statistical Breakdown of Ops (October 4-10)

AQ Leader Zawahiri Demands Islamic Groups Refuse Democracy and Embrace Shariah-based Governance

Afghan Taliban Video Shows Daily Life and Military Exercises at Abu Obaidah bin Jarrah Training Camp

TTP Leader Expresses Thanks for Condolences for Predecessor, Joins Call for Uniting Ranks

IS' Kirkuk Division Demonstrates IED Construction and Attacks on Federal Police in Video, Op Statistics

Pro-AQ Group Highlights Zawahiri's Words on Kashmir in Video