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'Amaq Video Shows IS Attack on Filipino Soldiers in Jolo

IS Fighters Identifying as Former Egyptian Army Officers Call Soldiers to Leave Military, Threaten Israel in Video

Alleged IS Fighters Continue to Testify about Experiences in IS Prisons in AQAP Video

IS' al-Hayat Identifies 205 Casualties in 67 Attacks in Statistical Breakdown of Ops (November 8-14)

'Amaq Video Shows IS Attack on AQAP Position in al-Bayda'

Alleged IS Fighters Testify to Imprisonment by Their Own Group in AQAP Video

JNIM Releases Audio-Visual Statement on Suicide Bombing at UNMAS Compound in Gao

Boko Haram Video Attacks Democracy, Warns Muslims from Participating in Elections

Kashmiri Fighter Recalls Experience with ISKP Member in 2nd Issue of Risalah

Audio Attributed to Kashmiri Student-Turned IS Fighter Ehtisham Bilal Discusses Motivation for Joining Group