AQIM breaks two-month silence with statement on jihadist and political landscape in Algeria.
Major military surge in Nigeria, with nearly 20 claims for attacks across Borno and Yobe.
JNIM claimed rare VBIED suicide operation targeting French and Malian forces in Mali, continuing to spearhead AQ-wide campaign against France.
IS claims VBIED suicide operation in Nigeria amid attack surge across Borno and Yobe.
The period saw a substantial AQ-wide campaign calling for revenge against France for perceived insults against the Prophet Muhammed. 
IS claims first attack in Pakistan in two months, executes Shi’a Hazaras.
Shabaab continues with assassination campaign in the Somali capital Mogadishu as part of an overall attack regiment exceeding 60 claims.
Insurgent attacks surge in Afghanistan, with attacks on soft targets in the capital Kabul.
Shabaab continues to demonstrate ability to strike high-profile targets, with suicide operation targeting top officials in Galkayo, Somalia.
IS reports upticks in both Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with Africa remaining its most prominent global battleground.
Shabaab maintains strong military presence across Somalia, spanning to the rarely struck Sanaag region.
IS continues to focus its media on rivalry with AQ, this period issuing a video from its Somalia Province deriding AQ’s Somalia branch Shabaab.
JNIM issues first formal claim of attack in months, confirming prior reports of rocket strikes against French bases in Mali.
IS reports attack on naval vessels in Chad for third consecutive period.
Shabaab reports record number of attacks in single week, including suicide operation in Mogadishu.
IS continues to claim targeting Naval vessels in Chad, this period reporting the killing of Canadian soldiers in the process.
AQIM announces new leader more than six months after the killing of Droukdel.
IS claims rocket strikes in Afghan capital Kabul’s Green Zone, continuing its destabilization efforts in the country.
AQ’s second-in-command confirmed killed in assassination in Iran, while rumors emerge of death of AQ leader Zawahiri.
IS claims responsibility for explosion at WWI memorial service in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
AQC issues second statement condemning and threatening France since September 11.
IS’ West Africa Provinces continues to report heightened operations in Nigeria.
AQ branches continued to rail against France with official statements from leadership.
IS claims deadly attack in Vienna, Austria, provides photo and pledge video of the attacker.
An AQ branch and linked groups continued to incite against France, and celebrated the recent attack in Nice.
IS launches military campaign – “Answer the Call” – resulting in spikes across global contingents.
Supporters and linked groups celebrate the gruesome knife attack against a schoolteacher in France.
IS spokesman Qurashi rallies fighters, and calls specifically for prison raids, in latest speech.
As different corners of the far right embrace voter intimidation and predictions of violence ahead of the US Presidential Election, the SITE Intelligence Group has prepared the following report: “Disarray 2020: Inside the Far Right’s Apocalyptic Prepping for Post-Election ‘Civil War.’” SITE’s report describes what the far right anticipates for November on onward, as well as the conspiracy theories, perceptions of existential threats, and toxic
AQC issues first statement since 9/11 address, with a harsh condemnation of UAE/Bahrain normalization with Israel.
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