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Shabaab promotes its aiding of Somali civilians with media spread pertaining to facilitation of resolving tribal dispute in Bakool.
Significant decline in global operations outside of Iraq and Syria, with Nigeria the sole point of attack.
AQAP reports military activity in Yemen for second consecutive period, following a return last period after five months with no claims.
Spike across West Africa includes high-casualty attack, and the targeting of Red Cross aid workers and Christian civilians across Niger and Nigeria.
AQAP claims first military activity in five months, amid what has been a surge of media activity in recent weeks.
Major retroactive military report from the Sahel claims multiple IS attacks against AQ’s Sahel-based JNIM dating back to late July.
AQAP commemorates 9/11 in lengthy, ‘Inspire’-labelled report calling for further attacks on U.S. interests.
IS’ West Africa Province continues operations against Red Cross in Nigeria, following recent justification of such attacks in Naba. 
AQC, AQAP, and AQ-aligned media groups all issue threats against the staff of Charlie Hebdo, following the republishing of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed.
‘Amaq claims “Islamic State soldiers” behind the vehicular and knife attack on police in Sousse, Tunisia. 
AQAP official derides the normalization of Israel-UAE relations, while group faces significant offensive in Yemen.
IS acknowledges the defeat of its fighters to Houthi militants in Bayda, Yemen, stating it will move into a new phase of jihad in the country.
Shabaab claims wounding U.S. soldier in incident likely connected to media reports of a group commander killed in Somalia.  
Uptick in native lands Iraq and Syria following weeks of decline, including attack on Russian commander in the latter. 
Shabaab claims high-profile suicide raid on hotel frequented by diplomats, government officials, and Westerners in the Somali capital Mogadishu.
Uptick in activity in Afghanistan and Yemen, with attacks on U.S. entities in the former. 
Shabaab claims second suicide operation in less than a week in Mogadishu, and takeover of SNA base in Mudug.
External reports confirm IS’ takeover of strategic port Mocimboa da Praia, Mozambique, shortly after IS’ Central Africa Province claims major raid near the town.
Shabaab claims suicide operation near Lul Yamani resteraunt in Hamar Jajab, Mogadishu. Eid al-Ahda led to media from Shabaab, AQAP, AQIM, and the Kashmir-based AQ-affiliated Ansar Ghazwhat ul-Hind. AQ ideologues responded to the devasting Aug. 4 blast in Beirut, Lebanon. A preview of the table of contents follows: Click below to download the report. pdf al-Qaeda inSITE July 30-August 5 (5.81 MB)
The fourth wave of IS’ “Battle of Attrition” concludes with another week of uptick in attacks, including highly publicized prison raid in Afghanistan.
JNIM claimed its first operation since the death of AQIM leader Abdelmalek Droukdel nearly two months ago.
The fourth wave of IS’ “Battle of Attrition” leads to uptick in operations across the globe.
AQ global branches and linked contingents decline in activity for third consecutive period.
IS continues cross-border attacks into Chad from Nigeria.
Aside from Shabaab uptick, and video from AQIM, AQ branches and contingents decline in activity for second consecutive period.
IS continues cross-border attacks into Chad from Nigeria. 
Activity from global AQ branches and contingents decreased, with attacks from only the Mali-based JNIM and Shabaab. 
IS’ West and Central Africa Provinces remain the most active contingents outside Iraq and Syria. 
In timely message, AQC capitalizes on social unrest in U.S., calling the “oppressed” to Islam in a bid for recruitment.
IS’ Central Africa Province claims armed assault in Mocimboa da Praia, a town that sits 60km from important gas sites. 
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