SITE has developed a new service in response to requests from clients for more consolidated information, analysis, and trend assessment; as well as our own aims to effectively compile our abundance of acquired data.

Given the extent of extremist groups' increasing use of social media for recruitment and propaganda, as dramatically demonstrated by recent events in Paris, San Bernardino, and in the so-called homeland of the Islamic State and its expanding territories, it is all the more evident that analysis of online activity can reveal a great deal about these groups' motivations and activities.

Therefore, we would like to introduce a new series of inSITE reports that SITE is launching at the beginning of the year, in addition to our regular monitoring service.

These periodic inSITE reports provide summaries and trend analyses of online activity, as well as local groups’ operations and campaigns, with focuses on particular regions, countries, groups, or other thematic topics.

As a subscriber, you have already received three weekly inSITE reports on Somalia, the first weekly report on the Islamic State, and the first periodic inSITE report on Western jihadists/foreign terrorist fighters.

In addition, we are also producing periodic reports on the Syrian crisis (including regional activity), Yemen, and North Africa. The content of the reports not only includes summaries (with links) of existing SITE reports, but also additional analyses of specific threats/campaigns, media trends, major attacks, and social media chatter. The reports include graphs, maps, and links to archived material.

For the rest of the year, we will continue to share our weekly inSITE reports with of all our subscribers on a trial basis. However, starting in 2016, we will launch this service as a separate product line.

We would also welcome suggestions on additional topics/regions for future periodic inSITE reports, as we intend to further expand this service.

 If you would like to subscribe to this new service, please contact us at [email protected].

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