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IS Launches Website to Stream al-Bayan Radio Broadcasts

AQAP Releases Third Video of a Houthi Captive Pleading for Release

AQIM’s al-Murabitoon Division Claims Kidnapping Australian Couple in Burkina Faso

Jaish al-Islam Releases Monthly Report for January 2016

Jaish al-Islam Documentary Describes Attacks Against IS, Syrian Regime

IS Video Shows Child Beheading Religious Jurist from Levantine Front

Prominent Jihadi Cleric Issues Fatwa: All Aleppo Fighters to Battlefront Immediately

IS’ Hadramawt Province Beheads Yemeni Soldiers in Video, Assassinates Opposition Fighter in Market in Broad Daylight

NF Claims Arresting Narcotic Manufacturers in Aleppo

Belgian IS Fighter in Aleppo Calls Muslims to Travel to “Caliphate,” Threatens West in Video