Weekly inSITE on Islamic State

Designed for government, academic, and policy makers in the counterterrorism field, as well as corporate and non-governmental clients operating in areas affected by ISIS/ISIL, the weekly inSITE on the Islamic State report provides macro-analysis based on official communiques, online chatter, media reports, and existing SITE research. This multimedia report covers all ISIS/ISIL attacks claimed worldwide, suicide operations, special features on military and propaganda campaigns.
IS’ Central Africa Province claims armed assault in Mocimboa da Praia, a town that sits 60km from important gas sites. 
Attack regiment across IS provinces continues to decline in wake of “Battle of Attrition,” with exceptions in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Egypt. 
‘Amaq reemerges with more focused purpose, providing unique details and videos for IS’ most high-profile operations.
Longstanding AQIM leader killed by French special forces in northern Mali, in an event unconfirmed by the group thus far.
Global attacks highlighted by continuation (fourth consecutive period) of activity in long-dormant Libya.
IS claims its first operation in Indonesia since May 2018.
Al-Furqan Foundation issues the latest speech by group spokesman Abu Hamza al-Qurashi, where the official spoke on COVID-19 and the future of global jihad.
In the midst of Ramadan 2020, IS announced the third wave of its “Battle of Attrition” military campaign, claiming 80 operations across nine countries.
IS claims first suicide operation in Afghanistan since August 2019, targeting a funeral amid a resurgence dating back to February 2020.
Three attacks in the Philippines since the implementation of COVID-19 lockdown, with one specifically targeting quarantine personnel.
As Ramadan 2020 commences, IS claims its first suicide operation in Iraq since July 2019, targeting Iraqi intelligence headquarters in Kirkuk.
IS claims first ever attack in the Maldives, and its first in the Philippines since the country went into COVID-19 quarantine lockdown.
IS claims its first ever attack in the Dhale governorate of Yemen.
IS claims first attacks in Tunisia in 2020; sixth in Kashmir since resurfacing in February.
IS and its supporters continued to capitalize on COVID-19 pandemic.
IS and its supporters continued to capitalize on COVID-19 pandemic.
IS claims first suicide operation in Mali – targets French and Malian forces.
IS claims targeting presidential candidates in Kabul, Afghanistan.
IS claims its first-ever attack in Chittigong, Bangladesh – marking its second attack in the country since December 2019.
Retroactive Naba claims continue from the Sahel.
IS claims first attack in Afghanistan since its reported ousting in November 2019. 
IS claimed its first attack in Kashmir in eight months, breaking a silence seen since India imposed an Internet blackout on the region.
IS’ ‘Amaq labels Streatham, London stabbing perpetrator an “Islamic State fighter.” IS-linked groups celebrate and further incite.
IS’ al-Furqan Media Foundation published second speech from group spokesman Abu Hamza al-Qurashi. IS-linked groups capitalize.
IS releases execution videos from Egypt and Nigeria, with the latter relating to the group’s continued focus on targeting Christians.
IS continues surge in the Sahel region of Africa, with mass casualties resulting from broad armed assault in Niger, and multiple media pieces pertaining to Burkina Faso. 
Operations in Iraq and Syria decline significantly following the conclusion of the group’s “Revenge Invasion” military campaign, but Syria incurs atypical tactic.
IS continues and ultimately concludes “Revenge Invasion” military campaign, with attacks this period across five countries, including an unprecedented VBIED suicide operation in Burkina Faso.
IS launches “Revenge Invasion” military campaign across seven countries, with notable upticks in Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria. Supporters issue promotional material for campaign.
IS continues to grow in the Sahel, claiming responsibility for the widely publicized raid on Inates military base in Niger, and releasing a video showing the executions of soldiers in Mali. Iraq Province releases video focused on operations in Salah al-Din. IS-linked groups engage in annual incitment campaign for attacks in the West during the holiday season. A preview of the table of contents follows: Click below to download the report.
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