Rawi, Atta Najd
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“Lessons and Morals… From the Life of the Father of Lions, Abu Laith!” – A Message by Atta Najd Al-Rawi

Eulogizing Abu Laith Al-Libi, a senior Al-Qaeda commander killed in Pakistan, Atta Najd Al-Rawi draws lessons from his life and death that are beneficial to Muslim youth, in a message posted to Al-Ekhlaas, a password-protected Al-Qaeda-affiliated forum, today, Friday, February 8, 2008.   

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Friday, 08 February 2008
Observations of the Words of Usama bin Laden, by Atta Najd Al-Rawi

Observations of the words of Usama bin Laden in his latest speech, “To Our People in Iraq”, made by an individual calling himself “Atta Najd Al-Rawi”, were recently posted in an article to the password-protected Al-Qaeda-affiliated forum, Al-Hesbah.

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Thursday, 01 November 2007