Muqrin, Abu Hajer
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English Jihadist Magazine, “Jihad Recollections,” Issue 3

Al-Fursan Media, an English-language jihadist media group, released the third issue of its English jihadist magazine, “Jihad Recollections,” on jihadist forums on August 12, 2009. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2009
As-Sahab Video Production of the 2004 Attack in Khobar, Saudi Arabia


A video presentation by as-Sahab, an al-Qaeda media production company, was issued on June 20, 2006, and concerns the May 2004 attack by four members of “al-Quds Brigade” in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, in which twenty-two hostages were killed from Halliburton oil installations and the Abdul Aziz Oasis complex for foreign workers.

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Wednesday, 05 July 2006