Al-Salafiyya Al-Jihadiyya in Sinai
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IS' Sinai Province Reports Casualties Among 40 Egyptian Soldiers in Two Raids, Rocket Attack on Eshkol Complex in Israel

The Islamic State's (IS) Sinai Province claimed killing and wounding 40 Egyptian soldiers in raids on "key positions" in Arish and Sheikh Zuweid, and also firing a rocket at the Eshkol Complex in Israel.

Monday, 16 October 2017
IS’ Sinai Province Publishes Photos of Deadly Suicide Raid, Assault in Rafah

The Islamic State’s (IS) Sinai Province published a photo report on the July 7, 2017, suicide raid and assault on Egyptian soldiers and tribal militiamen in the south of Rafah.

Sunday, 09 July 2017
IS Claims Killing 40 in Suicide Bombing on Tribal Checkpoint Near Rafah

The Islamic State’s (IS) Sinai Province claimed killing at least 40 members of the Tarabin tribe at their checkpoint near Rafah.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Al-Salafiyya Al-Jihadiyya in Sinai Threatens Egyptian Army Supporters

Al-Salafiyya Al-Jihadiyya in Sinai threatened to kill tribal leaders and anyone in the region who provides assistance to the Egyptian army, and offered an opportunity to them to repent.

Friday, 04 October 2013