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IS Claims 11,700 Iraqi Forces, Kurdish Peshmerga Killed in 9 Months of Mosul Battle in Naba 89

In the 89th issue of its al-Naba weekly newspaper, the Islamic State (IS) claimed that after nine months of the battle in Mosul, more than 11,700 Iraqi soldiers and militiamen and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters were killed.

IS Announces in Naba 85 its Seizing Control Over Tora Bora and Neighboring Areas in Nangarhar

The Islamic State (IS) announced in the 85th issue of its al-Naba newspaper that its fighters seized control over Tora Bora and neighboring areas in Nangarhar from the Afghan Taliban.

In Naba 74, IS Claims Killing Nearly 125 in Suicide Bombings in Damascus

The Islamic State (IS) published in the 74th issue of its al-Naba weekly newspaper, and claimed killing around 125 in two suicide operations on March 15, 2017 which hit the Justice Palace and a restaurant in Damascus.

IS Gives Detailed Report in Naba 68 Regarding Beheading of Spy in Algeria

In the 68th issue of its weekly newspaper al-Naba, the Islamic State (IS) provided a detailed report on the beheading of a spy for the Algerian intelligence in the country’s Jijel province.

IS Claims Suicide Bombing in Jableh, Syria in Naba 66, Totals 1540+ PKK Forces Killed in al-Hasakah in One Year

In the 66th issue of its al-Naba weekly newspaper, the Islamic State (IS) claimed a suicide operation killing and wounding nearly 100 in Jableh, Syria, and totaled 1,540 PKK forces killed in al-Hasakah, Syria since February 2016.

IS Defends Istanbul Nightclub Attack in Naba 63, States Any Muslim Killed “Brought Demise Upon Himself”

The Islamic State (IS) defended the Istanbul Nightclub attack that took place on New Year’s Eve in the 63rd issue of its al-Naba newspaper, blaming any Muslim killed during the attack for having “brought demise upon himself.”

IS Explores Istanbul Attack and Details Arish Police Checkpoint Attack in Naba 63, Promotes Economic Losses to "Polytheists"

The Islamic State (IS) explored the New Year’s Eve attack in Istanbul, Turkey, from the perspective of religious permissibility in the 63rd issue of its al-Naba newspaper, and also provided details on the January 9, 2017, raid on an Egyptian police checkpoint in Arish.

IS Provides Details of Grozny Operation in Naba 61, Promotes Attack in Italy by Anis Amri

The Islamic State (IS) provided details of the two-day, ten-man operation in the Chechen capital, Grozny, in the 61st issue of its al-Naba newspaper, and promoted the attack in Italy by Anis Amri as the “first to target Crusader security forces” in the country.

IS Promotes Tadmur Takeover in Naba 59, Gives Infographic on Enemy Losses During Operation Euphrates Shield

The Islamic State (IS) promoted in the 59th issue of al-Naba newspaper its recent takeover of the Syrian city of Tadmur (Palmyra) after losing it to Syrian forces nine months prior, and claimed killing and wounding 717 Turkish soldiers and rebel faction elements since the inception of Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield.

IS Interviews Head of its War Commission on Mosul Battle and Beyond in Naba 55

The Islamic State (IS) published an interview with the head of its "War Commission" regarding the Mosul battle and beyond in the 55th issue of al-Naba newspaper, discussing the failure of the enemy to capture the city within their projected timeframe, and also civilians doing battle alongside the fighters.

IS Reports SWeden Shi'ite Center Fire Started by One of Its Soldiers in Naba 51

The Islamic State (IS) reported that an October 11, 2016 fire at a Shi’ite center in Malmo, Sweden was started “by one of the soldiers of the Islamic State” in issue 51 of the group’s al-Naba newspaper.

IS Reports on Death of Demining Firm’s Contractor in Ramadi, Attack Near Moscow in al-Naba

The Islamic State (IS) reported on the death of a British contractor for the American demining firm Janus in Ramadi in its al-Naba newspaper, and on the attack by two “soldiers of the Caliphate” in Balashikha, east of Moscow.

IS Declares in al-Naba that it Will Return to Lost Areas, Continue Attacking Abroad

The Islamic State (IS) declared in its al-Naba newspaper that it will return to the areas in which it lost control, and its fighters will continue launching attacks abroad, for they are "growing more experienced in ways to deceive their enemies, thwart their security plans, and pass through the borders and obstacles".

IS Portrays Aaron Driver Attack in Canada as Success, Reports Enemy Losses in Sirte in al-Naba Infographic

The Islamic State (IS) portrayed the attempted suicide bombing by Aaron Driver in Ontario, Canada, as a success in its al-Naba newspaper, and reported in an infographic on losses to the enemy amidst attempts to retake the Libyan city of Sirte.

IS Boasts Charleroi Machete Attack Came Despite Heightened Security, Claims Assassinating Balochistan Bar Assoc. Pres. in al-Naba

In its al-Naba newspaper, the Islamic State (IS) boasted that the machete attack carried out by an IS "soldier" in Charleroi, Belgium, came despite heightened security in the country, and claimed credit for the assassination of the Balochistan Bar Association president in Quetta in the morning prior to the suicide bombing.

IS Challenges Ground Forces from Arab States in al-Naba Weekly Newspaper

The Islamic State (IS) challenged ground forces from Arab states, declaring that it will fight them like its fights all “polytheists and apostates,” in its al-Naba weekly newspaper.


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