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Jihadi Media Group Gives Bio of Slain French AQ Explosives Expert David Drugeon

The jihadi media group al-Fursan published a biography of David Drugeon (AKA Abu Hamza al-Jaza’iri, Salman al-Faransi), a French al-Qaeda (AQ) explosives expert killed in an airstrike in Aleppo, Syria, in July 2015.

IS Claims Suicide Attack Involving Indian Fighter in Raqqah

The Islamic State (IS) claimed killing and wounding a “number” of what it described as “PKK apostates” in a suicide attack involving an Indian fighter in Raqqah.

IS Video Shows Over 15 Foreign Fighters, Including English-Speaking Somali, Engaged in Battles in Raqqah

The Islamic State’s (IS) Raqqah Province released a video featuring over 15 foreign fighters, including an English-speaking Somali who addressed U.S. President Donald Trump, engaged in battles against Kurdish fighters.

IS Claims Suicide Bombing by Swedish Fighter on “PKK Apostates” South of Raqqah

The Islamic State (IS) claimed killing 11 “PKK apostates” in a suicide bombing by a Swedish fighter south of Raqqah.

IS Claims Credit for Ramadan Attacks in Paris and Brussels, Calls to Strike Western Economies and Kidnap Children in Rumiyah 11

In the 11th issue of its Rumiyah magazine, the Islamic State (IS) for the first time claimed credit for the June 19, 2017, attack in Paris, France, and the bombing in Brussels, Belgium, the following day, and called to strike Western economies, to kidnap children, and to kill a German national.

IS Claims Suicide Bombing by Alleged Canadian Fighter in Mosul

The Islamic State (IS) claimed a suicide bombing by an alleged Canadian fighter in Mosul.

Essay Narrates Killed Somali NF Fighter’s Journey from U.S. to Syria

A jihadi media group published a biographical eulogy of “Abu Zubayr Somali,” a Somali Nusra Front (NF) fighter killed in Syria after living in the U.S. for “a number of years.”

Fursan al-Sham Gives Story Tracing Journey of Fighters from China to Syria

Fursan al-Sham, a jihadi media outlet operated by foreign fighters in Syria, published a story tracing the journey of Uyghur fighters from China to Syria.

Jihadist Telegram Channels Solicit Donations for Families of Fighters in Syria

Jihadist Telegram channels solicited financial donations for families of fighters in Syria, offering private communication channels for willing donors.

IS Eulogizes Slain Migrant Fighter in German Version of Rumiyah 2

In the German version of the second issue of Islamic State’s (IS) multi-language Rumiyah magazine, the group included the story of slain IS fighter, Abu Bilal al-Maghribi, who migrated from Germany to join IS.

Chechen Commander in Al Muhajirun Video Stresses Importance of Scholars in Battlefield for Uniting Ranks

Al Muhajirun, a group promoting itself as the “representative face” of foreign fighters from various jihadi factions in Syria, released a video from Muslim al-Shishani, commander of the Junud al-Sham Battalion in Syria, stressing the importance of scholars in the jihadi battlefield for uniting ranks.

Belgian IS Suicide Bomber Appeals to Muslims in Belgium, France, and Germany in Posthumous Video

A Belgian suicide bomber appealed to Muslims in Belgium, France, and Germany in a posthumous video released by the Islamic State (IS), calling on them not to fear death but to seek it.

Scholar in Al Muhajirun Video Calls on Factions to Unite or Collaborate, Urges Colleagues Come to Syria Rather than Tweet from Afar

Al Muhajirun, a group promoting itself as the “representative face” of foreign fighters from various jihadi factions in Syria, released a video from scholar calling on rebel factions to unite or at least collaborate, and urging his colleagues to come to Syria rather than tweet their messages from afar.

Jund al-Aqsa Claims Suicide Bombing, Capturing Village in Northern Hama

Jund al-Aqsa claimed capturing Kawkab village in the northern countryside of Hama, following a suicide bombing carried out by a Kuwaiti fighter. The group shared the announcement on September 11, 2016 via Twitter and Telegram channels.

German IS Fighter Gives Story of His Conversion and Immigration, Calls for Lone-Wolf Attacks in West in Video

A German fighter in the Islamic State (IS) presented in a video his conversion from Christianity to Islam and his story of immigration, and called on lone wolves in the West to attack.

Jihadi Fighter Killed After “Very Easy” Migration from Wales to Syria

An alleged jihadi fighter in Syria announced that a fighter, purportedly having migrated to Syria from Wales, died in Aleppo.

IS Claims Killing, Wounding Dozens of Iraqi Soldiers in 3 Suicide Bombings in Northern Iraq

Dijlah Province of the Islamic State (IS) in northern Iraq claimed killing and wounding dozens of Iraqi soldiers following multiple suicide operations near al-Qayara Crossroad.

IS Claims Suicide Bombing by British Fighter in Northern Beiji

Salah al-Din Province of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq claimed killing and wounding many Iraqi soldiers in a suicide bombing by a British fighter on their gathering.

IS Division in Yemen Shows Brutal Execution of Houthis in Video, Suicide Bombings in Aden Including One by Dutch Fighter

Aden-Abyan Province of the Islamic State (IS) in Yemen released a video showing the brutal execution of three Houthis, one by having his head bashed with a heavy rock while bound, and featuring several suicide bombers, including a Dutch fighter.

Married American-Identifying IS Recruiters Announced Dead in Telegram Post

Two allegedly married, American-identifying Islamic State (IS) recruiters were announced dead in a message distributed on pro-IS Telegram channels.


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