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AQ’s Mali Affiliate Claims Repelling Malian Army Raid in Macina

The Mali-based affiliate of al-Qaeda, Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen (NIM), claimed to have repulsed a “desperate attempt” by the Malian army to storm its positions, ambushing soldiers in Macina and destroying a vehicle.

Thursday, 27 April 2017
AQ Leader Gives Forward to Republished Message from Sami al-‘Aridi

Al-Qaeda’s (AQ) as-Sahab Media Foundation republished a message from Sami al-‘Aridi, a former top cleric in the Nusra Front, with the addition of an introduction by AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017
AQIM Official Vilifies France in AQAP-Affiliated Newspaper, Incites for Lone-Wolf Attacks

Al-Masra, a digital newspaper linked to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), published an article from an al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) official vilifying France for its military and political roles in Mali, and inciting for lone-wolf attacks.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017
Francophone Jihadist Advises Potential Migrants on Preparations for Journey to Syria

A French-language jihadist addressed potential migrants to Syria, advising on how to prepare for their journey, including to remain discreet, sell items on Ebay, bring a portable charger, and be wary of online recruiters.

Monday, 24 April 2017
Shabaab Claims Killing, Wounding 16+ Soldiers in Bombing near Bosaso

The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, al-Qaeda’s (AQ) branch in Somalia, claimed killing and wounding more than 16 soldiers of the semi-autonomous Puntland region after targeting them with an explosive device on the outskirts of Bosaso.

Monday, 24 April 2017
AQ Leader Zawahiri Declares Syrian Jihad an Issue Concerning All Muslims, Calls to Reject Nationalist Sentiment

Al-Qaeda (AQ) leader Ayman al-Zawahiri addressed fighters in Syria, urging them to reject nationalist sentiment and wage a protracted guerrilla war against the Syrian regime, and called on Muslims the world over to support their brethren in the country.

Sunday, 23 April 2017
Al-Qaeda Criticizes U.S. Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley’s “High Heels” Remark, Urges Muslims to Embrace Jihad

Al-Qaeda (AQ) criticized the remark by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, about kicking with “high heels” all who condemn Israel, and arguing that it demonstrates America’s determination to impose its will, urged Muslims to embrace jihad and confront it.

Saturday, 08 April 2017
Shabaab Promotes Capturing City of El Buur in Central Somalia Three Years After Losing It

Through its Shahada News Agency, the Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement promoted its capture of the city of El Buur (Ceelbuur) in Galguduud region of central Somalia, three years after losing it to Ethiopian forces.

Tuesday, 04 April 2017
Al-Qaeda Draws Awareness to Drought in Somalia, Urges Muslims to Provide Support

Al-Qaeda (AQ) drew awareness to the drought in Somalia in the 13th issue of its al-Nafeer bulletin, and urged Muslims to provide support and distinguish their brethren from their foes.

Sunday, 26 March 2017
Al-Qaeda Calls Muslims to Avenge Desecration of Corpses in Benghazi by Haftar Forces

Al-Qaeda (AQ) called on Muslims to take revenge against the “tyrants” supporting Libyan forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar, due to their desecrating the corpses of slain opponents by parading them through the streets and hanging them on barracks.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017
Al-Qaeda Central Gives Approval of Unification of Jihadi Factions in Mali

Al-Qaeda Central (AQC) issued a statement giving its approval and praise of the unification of jihadi factions in Mali under the group Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen.

Sunday, 19 March 2017
Al-Qaeda Incites Muslims to Take Revenge Against America for Aleppo Airstrike

Al-Qaeda (AQ) incited Muslims to take revenge against America for an airstrike in Aleppo, Syria, that allegedly killed dozens.

Friday, 17 March 2017
Al-Qaeda Central Gives Eulogy for Zawahiri's Deputy in Syria, Threatens Revenge

The General Command of al-Qaeda (AQ) issued a eulogy for Abu al-Khayr al-Masri, Ayman al-Zawahiri's deputy in Syria who was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Idlib, and threatened revenge.

Sunday, 05 March 2017
Syria-Focused “Al-Haqiqa” Magazine Compiles Content from Pro-AQ Media Groups

Jihadists introduced the first issue of “Al-Haqiqa,” a Syria-focused magazine composed of previously released content from pro-al-Qaeda (AQ) media groups.

Monday, 27 February 2017
Zawahiri’s Deputy in Syria Reportedly Killed in U.S. Airstrike in Idlib

Jihadists reported that Ahmed Hassan Abu al-Khayr al-Masri, the deputy of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Syria, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Idlib, and a Telegram channel provided a brief biography.

Monday, 27 February 2017
GIMF Releases English Translation of al-Qaeda Kidnapping Guide

The Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) released an English translation of the kidnapping guide authored by al-Qaeda (AQ) official Saif al-'Adl.

Saturday, 25 February 2017
Al-Qaeda Continues to Promote “Blind Sheikh” in Death

In the tenth issue of its “al-Nafeer” (Call to Mobilize) bulletin, Al-Qaeda (AQ) offered another eulogy for “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul Rahman, praising him as “engraved in history.”

Friday, 24 February 2017
AQ Leader Zawahiri Reiterates Call to Attack American and Jewish Interests in Video Eulogizing Rifa’i Taha

Al-Qaeda (AQ) leader Ayman al-Zawahiri reiterated his call to fighters globally to attack American and Jewish interests and those of the “Crusader alliance” in a video eulogizing Rifa’i Taha, a former al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya leader and reported member of the "Khorasan Group" who was killed in a drone strike in Idlib, Syria, in April 2016.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017
Al-Qaeda Central Calls Muslims to Take Revenge Against Americans for Death of Blind Sheikh in Prison

The General Command of al-Qaeda (AQ) called on Muslims to act upon the will of the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdul Rahman and avenge his death by killing Americans and attacking American interests.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Shabaab Media Affiliate Updates Report on Mortar Strike in Mogadishu During Presidential Ceremony

The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement’s Shahada News Agency provided an updated report on the mortar strike on the Presidential Palace in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, during a ceremony for the new president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


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