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IS Claims Killing 30 Russian Soldiers, Syrian Regime Forces in Eastern Deir al-Zour

The Islamic State (IS) claimed killing a total of 30 soldiers, including Russians and Syrians, and Shi’ite militia elements in an attack in eastern Deir al-Zour.

HTS News in Syria for September 20, 2017

Highlights: HTS claims killing 13 Syrian regime soldiers in clashes in southern Aleppo; reported battles against the regime forces south of Hama and in the countryside of Homs; reports of Syrian regime and Russian airstrikes throughout Syria; rehab activities in the countryside of Idlib and in northern Hama.

IS Claims Killing 3 Russian Soldiers in Western Hasakah, ‘Amaq Publishes Photos of Corpses

The Islamic State’s (IS) Barakah Province, its division of Hasakah, Syria, claimed killing three Russian soldiers during clashes, and the group’s ‘Amaq News Agency published photos of the corpses.

IS Discusses Fighting Under Threat of Drones in Naba 97, Utilizing Their Own UAVs

Regarding its use of drones and that of its enemy, the Islamic State (IS) discussed in the 97th issue of al-Naba newspaper how it continues to fight and adapt its techniques. It released the digital publication on September 14, 2017.

IS Claims Halting Syrian Regime Offensive in Deir al-Zour, Killing at Least 40 in Clashes, 3 Suicide Bombings

The Islamic State’s (IS) Khayr Province, its division for Deir al-Zour, Syria, claimed halting an offensive on multiple locations by Syrian regime forces, killing at least 40.

Hamza bin Laden Urges Muslims in Audio to Participate in Syrian Jihad

Hamza bin Laden, a son of former al-Qaeda (AQ) leader Usama bin Laden, urged Muslims to participate in jihad in Syria through physical or financial means, and help stop what he described as “international Crusader-Rafidhi aggression”.

IS-Linked Channels Distribute Translation of Message to Hama Province Encouraging “Perseverance” Against Regime Forces

Telegram Channels linked to the Islamic State (IS) disseminated an English translation of a message attributed to the group’s “Delegated Committee,” offering encouragement to its Hama Province in fighting against Syrian regime forces.

AQAP’s Chief Bombmaker Promises Ongoing War Against America in Message for 16th Anniversary of 9/11

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a message for the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks from its chief bombmaker, Ibrahim al-‘Asiri, promising ongoing war against America.

HTS News in Syria for September 11, 2017

Highlights: HTS claims clashing with the regime forces in the western and southern countryside of Aleppo, in Western Ghouta, eastern and southern countryside of Hama, and in the northern countryside of Homs; reports of rehab activities in the countryside of Hama, northern Homs, and in the countryside of Idlib; regime strikes throughout Syria.

Prominent Jihadi Cleric Abdullah al-Muhaysini Resigns from HTS

Prominent Saudi jihadi cleric Abdullah al-Muhaysini announced his resignation from Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), citing transgressions against its Shariah Committee and his being unable to change “errors” he witnessed and bloodshed and in-fighitng.

IS Reports 40 Syrian Regime Forces Killed, Dozens Wounded in Offensive on Humaymah

The Islamic State (IS) reported the killing of 40 Syrian regime forces and the wounding of dozens in an offensive on Humaymah, where 25 alone were allegedly killed in a suicide bombing.

In Unverified Audio, HTS Official Julani Purportedly Discourages Arrest of Prominent HTS Official to Avoid “Huge Crisis”

Jihadists on Telegram disseminated a video containing unverified audio of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) official Abu Muhammad al-Julani purportedly discouraging the arrest of group official Abdullah al-Muhaysini so as to avoid “a huge crisis.”

IS Video Shows Russian Soldiers Killed During Clashes in Hama, Two Suicide Bombings

The Islamic State’s (IS) Hama Province in Syria released a video on recent clashes in Uqayribat, showing dead Russian soldiers among the casualties.

Alleged IS Supporter in Gaza Threatens “Crusaders” with Suicide Operations in Their Homelands

An alleged Islamic State (IS) supporter in Gaza gave a speech in a video threatening “Crusaders” with suicide operations in their homelands.

IS Video Focuses on Elderly Fighter Brainwashing Children to Become Suicide Bombers, Inciting Attacks in America, China, and Russia

The Islamic State (IS) released a video from its Khayr Province (Deir al-Zour) in Syria focusing on an elderly fighter brainwashing children to become suicide bombers and inciting Muslims outside the country, namely those in America, China, and Russia, to carry out attacks.

IS Identifies Swedish Boy as Slain Media Operative in Raqqah

The Islamic State’s (IS) Raqqah Province in Syria identified a Swedish boy as a slain media operative.

‘Amaq Reports IS Fighters Killing 7 Russian Soldiers During Clashes in Hama

‘Amaq News Agency reported that seven Russian soldiers were killed during clashes with Islamic State (IS) fighters in Syria’s Hama governorate.

Tunisian IS Fighter Calls on Fighters in Raqqah to Kill During Eid, Carries Out Suicide Bombing in City

The Islamic State’s (IS) Raqqah Province in Syria released a video showing a Tunisian suicide bomber calling on fighters in the area to kill during Eid and carry out a suicide operation in the city.

HTS News in Syria for August 30, 2017

Highlights: HTS claims attacks on the regime forces in the southern and western countryside of Aleppo, and in south of Hama; reports of regime airstrikes in the northern countryside of Homs, southern countryside of Idlib, eastern and northern countryside of Hama, and Western Ghouta; rehab activities in the southern countryside of Idlib; entrance of humanitarian relief convoys into the northern countryside of Homs.

IS Fighter in Video Calls Muslims in the West to Mount Domestic Attacks During Eid al-Adha

An Islamic State (IS) fighter in a video from the group’s division in Deir al-Zour, Syria, called on Muslims in the West to mount domestic attacks during Eid al-Adha.


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