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IS Claims Killing Over 30 Iraqi National Security Forces in Single Attack in Kirkuk

Kirkuk Province of the Islamic State (IS) claimed killing over 30 Iraqi National Security forces in a single attack in the west of the governorate.

IS Claims Killing Four, Wounding Over 15 in Suicide Operation in Ramadi

The Islamic State (IS) claimed killing four and wounding over 15 in a suicide operation against security forces in Ramadi.

IS Remarks on U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Declaring Open-Ended American Presence in Syria

The Islamic State (IS) remarked in Naba 117 on U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stating that the U.S. military will maintain an open-ended presence in Syria.

Jihadist Urges IS Capitalize on Secret Military Bases Revealed by Fitness Tracker App Maps

A jihadist noted reports that fitness tracker applications reveal the locations of secret military bases, and another urged the Islamic State (IS) to capitalize on this information for mounting strikes.

IS Video Highlights Determination of Fighters Disabled in Battle to Incite Able-Bodied Muslims

The Islamic State's (IS) Furat Province, a division active in western Iraq and eastern Syria, released a video highlighting the determination of fighters disabled in battle to shame and incite able-bodied Muslims who reject jihad.

IS Portrays Return to Baghdad as Bad Omen for Iran and Shi’ites in Naba 115

The Islamic State (IS) portrayed the January 15, 2018, suicide bombings in Baghdad, which marked its return to the Iraqi capital after seven months, as a bad omen for Iran and Shi’ites in general in Naba 115.

IS Claims Killing and Wounding Nearly 250 Shi'ites in Three Suicide Bombings in Baghdad

The Islamic State (IS) claimed killing and wounding nearly 250 Shi'ites in three suicide bombings in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

‘Amaq Reports IS Suicide Bombing in Baghdad Killing and Wounding 50 Shi’ites

The Islamic State’s (IS) ‘Amaq News Agency reported that an IS fighter carried out a suicide operation two days ago in Baghdad, killing and wounding 50 Shi’tes.

'Amaq Reports 771 IS Suicide Operations Total in Iraq and Syria in 2017

The Islamic State's (IS) 'Amaq News Agency reported a total of 771 suicide operations carried out by its fighters in Iraq and Syria in 2017.

Pro-IS Group Publishes Article in 5 Languages Inciting for Holiday Attacks, Urging to Attack Churches and Kill Women and Children

The pro-Islamic State (IS) Ashhad Media Foundation published an article in five language inciting lone-wolf jihadists everywhere to attack Christians during the holiday season, and in particular, urging they strike churches and kill women and children.

IS Reports Cutting Power to Factory for Army Use in Central Sinai in Naba 112, Claims Controlling Areas in Diyala

As part of its “economic war” on U.S. allies, the Islamic State (IS) reported in Naba 112 that its fighters in Central Sinai cut power to a cement factory used by the Egyptian military, and separately, asserted that fighters in Iraq’s Diyala governorate hold control over areas.

IS Claims Killing and Wounding 13 in IED Blasts South of Mosul

The Islamic State’s (IS) Dijlah Province claimed killing and wounding 13 Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) soldiers south of Mosul.

IS Fighter Calls for Steadfastness Following Loss of Territory, Warns Enemy Forces of Battle in Desert Terrain

The Islamic State (IS) focused on resilience in the desert of Iraq and Syria in the fifth episode of its “Inside the Caliphate” series, wherein a Syrian fighter urged his brethren to remain steadfast amid territorial losses in the countries.

IS Claims Two-Man Immersive Suicide Operation against PMU Forces North of Samarra

The Islamic State (IS) claimed a two-man immersive suicide operation against Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) forces near the Iraqi city of Samarra.

IS Video Shows Battle Footage from Albu Kamal, Portrays City as Strategic for Syrian Army

The Islamic State's (IS) Furat Province, the group's division in western Anbar in Iraq and easter Deir al-Zour in Syria, released a video featuring battle footage from Albu Kamal, and identifying the city as a strategic location for the Syrian army.

IS Promotes Fighters' Faith-based Strength Against Enemy in Grand Release "Flames of War 2"

Over three years after the release of its major video production "The Flames of War," the Islamic State (IS) published its sequel, continuing to highlight the faith-based strength of fighters against the enemy, and showing brutal executions with knives, guns, and fire.

IS Claims Killing, Wounding 71+ Iraqi Soldiers and PMU Forces in a 2-Man Suicide Raid in Baqubah

The Islamic State's (IS) Diyala Province claimed killing and wounding over 71 Iraqi soldiers and Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) forces in a two-man suicide raid in Baqubah.

IS Video from "Badiyah Province" in Northern Iraq Shows Two Raids on PMU Barracks

The Islamic State's (IS) Badiyah Province, a division carved from Ninawa governorate in northern Iraq, released a video showing two raids on Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) barracks.

IS Claims Eight Suicide Bombings in One Day on Iraqi Soldiers, PMU in Baiji

The Islamic State's (IS) Salah al-Din Province claimed a total of eight suicide bombings in one day on Iraqi soldiers and Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) forces in Baiji.

IS Releases Video of Various Attacks in Diyala, Fighters Involved in May 2017 Raid on Kirkush Military Training Base

The Islamic State's (IS) Diyala Province released a video of various attacks against Iraqi soldiers and PMU, including footage of the fighters involved in the May 2017 raid on the Kirkush Military Training Base in Baladruz, and the beheading and gunshot executions of spies and "apostates".


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