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Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia Presents the Return of its Publication, Sawt al-Jihad [Voice of Jihad], the Thirtieth Issue

Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia issued the thirtieth issue of its former biweekly electronic magazine, Sawt al-Jihad [Voice of Jihad], today, Thursday, February 8, 2006. 

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Thursday, 08 February 2007
An Unauthenticated Message Attributed to the Voice of Jihad Regarding a Suggested Jihadi Position on Hezbollah and Lebanon

A message circulated Sunday, July 30, 2006, and attributed to “Sout al-Jihad”, or “Voice of Jihad,” the heading for communiqués and statements from al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, presents a suggest jihadi position regarding Hezbollah and how Muslims in Lebanon may best be supported.

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Tuesday, 01 August 2006
Message To Paul Johnsons Wife From A Martyrs Wife

Message addressed to the spouse of the infidel Paul JohnsonFrom the spouse of a martyr in the Arab PeninsulaSource: Sout Al Jihad magazine – Issue 21Al Qaeda PublicationI heard that you appeared on television, acting innocent, and in all insolence wondering about your husband’s crime. I believe that, in fact, he was one of the top criminals, even if he was not viewed as such in your blaspheming tradition, where criminals are considered innocent, and the innocent who defend their rights are considered criminals.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2004

Southeast Asia


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