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Mujahideen Brigades in Eritrea Issues a Statement of Warning to the Eritrean Government Administration and Foreign Companies, Calls People to Jihad

The Mujahideen Brigades in Eritrea, a group which in November 2006 distributed a video depicting combat preparations and ambushing an enemy truck, issued what they call an “important” statement today, Tuesday, February 20, 2007, addressing the Eritrean people, government agencies, and foreign company in the state.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2007
Mujahideen Brigades of Eritrea Issue a Video of Ambushing an Enemy Supply Vehicle, and Photographs of Somali Martyrs


Communications from Mujahideen groups in two countries within the Horn of Africa, Eritrea and Somalia, were distributed to jihadist forums today, Monday, November 27, 2006, including an attack video and photographic series of Somali martyrs.

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Monday, 27 November 2006
The Way to Jihad, How the Nation Can Reach It, and What is the Understanding of the Way

A pamphlet titled: “The Way to Jihad, How the Nation Can Reach It, and What is the Understanding of the Way,” written by Yusuf al-Ayiri, a top al-Qaeda ideologist and chief propagandist killed in Saudi Arabia in May 2003, and distributed by the Global Islamic Media Front across several jihadist forums, entreats Muslims to find the path to join jihad on the battlefield.  The document does not delineate a physical process by which a prospective mujahid may travel to jihad; rather, it explains a religious motivation and necessity of jihad that should convince a Muslim to seek his own path to wherever the battlefield lies, be it as the guide points out, in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir, Indonesia, Eritrea, Philippines, or Iraq.

Ayiri defines jihad today as the “monster which keeps the Jews and the crusaders on their toes… the giant which threatens the world and its culture and peace,” and a Muslim must traverse a hazardous path to reach the battlefield of jihad.  He explains that though many Muslim are “convinced that jihad is a shari’a must,” they do not enter the battlefield and instead choose the “practical” answer to the question of how to go to jihad, which is to remain home and muse about the possibilities rather that join.  This is a dangerous prospect Ayiri points out, as Muslims will be considered a “dead people.”

According to the pamphlet, the success of the Muslim Nation and “reward” that Allah will provide to a successful mujahid, whereby success is victory in battle or martyrdom, should be ample motivation for a Muslim to join the jihad on the battlefield.  Ayiri lists the current areas of jihad, and provides a list of each of their bordering countries, stating that is is “not impossible that one who cares about jihad finds one of these ways.”  Further, Ayiri explains that if one million Muslims try to reach the “jihad fields,” then at least one hundred thousand will successfully arrive.

Following is a translation of the pamphlet:

Global Islamic Media Front

The Way to Jihad, How the Nation Can Reach It, and What is the Understanding of the Way

<Qur’anic Verse>

Today, many Muslims are convinced that jihad is a shari’a must for the nation to confront the enemy on the land of Muslims.  Also, they are convinced that the mujahideen and the Islamic Nation is in need of men who defend this religion and Muslim blood and honor.

But this convincingness was not translated by most of the Muslims to be fruitful to join the battlefield, and this convincingness diminished when it faces the first question: How is the way to go to the Land of Jihad?  How can I get to the battlefield?  The practical answer to this question, to most of the Muslim sons, is not to insist to try to find the way, but to stay put, let go of looking, and convincing themselves that is their excuse in front of Allah.

I will talk here about the way to jihad, how the nation can reach it, and what is the understanding of the way.

Jihad today is the monster which keeps the Jews and the crusaders on their toes, and it is the giant which threatens the world, its culture, and peace, as the crusaders like to call it.  By the picture of how the world sees the jihad, the Muslims would think that he will reach the Land of Jihad easily, but he is exposed to dangers which he has to go through to the reach the Land of Jihad.  No one Muslim expects that his enemy will pave the way to jihad with roses to tell him to come to Allah’s satisfaction and paradise.  Whoever thinks that way is an idiot and he does not know the nature of his enemy.

It is not meant by that to lower of men who want to go to jihad, but it brings the picture closer to what you can expect before you go for jihad.  Let everyone who though about jihad know that only thinking will not be a good excuse in front of Allah, but it is more than that.  Let the youth of this Nation know that the true people before them suffered, were frightened and chased, [but] they were true to Allah, so they arrived for that.  Allah considered the way to jihad to be individual jihad.  So he will be rewarded, as he considered who was out for jihad, is a mujahid, and if he is dead, he is considered a martyr.  All that to urge the Nation’s men to jihad.  What does the mujahid want from his jihad?  He was one of the two great things: victory or martyrdom, and if gets either one, he is victorious.

This is the reward for the way to jihad.  I wonder how much of that reward will be for jihad itself.  Allah did not make the reward of the way to jihad that highly valued unless it is known that they way to jihad is hard for two reasons:

The first difficulty which the mujahid faces is when he leaves the family and the money, and he is not used to hardships.

The second thing is because it is easier to stop any mujahid’s way before he arrive and becomes armed.

Also, Allah knowing that it is difficult for people to go for jihad, rewarded them with his big rewards.

According to that, you, Allah’s worshipper, if you were thinking about jihad, do not stop at talking only.  This will not do you any good in front of Allah if you do not go.  As long as you are able to go or at least able to try the possibilities of success, then try to go for it.  Those who reached jihad were not supermen, but they tried and Allah made it possible for them and they reached the area of jihad.

There are many ways to jihad:

There is Afghanistan - It is neighbored by Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and China.

Also, there is Chechnya, neighbored by Georgia, Dajestan, Ingushetia, and Russia.

Palestine is neighbored by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

Kashmir, bordered by India and Pakistan.

Indonesia bordered by seas from all sides.

Eritrea is bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Red Sea. Look at Philippines and Macedonia.  (Here is Iraq bordered by the Arab Island, al-Sham, Anadol, and Karasan) and other Land of Jihad has many ways.  So it is not impossible that one who cares about jihad finds one of these ways.  You think and you will be thee, Allah willing.

And as our Nation is called the Milliard Nation, so if one million Muslims try to reach the jihad fields, sure at least one hundred thousand will surely arrive and those will be enough in jihad fields.

But if the whole Nation did not go for jihad and found excuses that the way is closed, and Allah has denounced the excuses and said that the reward of those who die on the way or killed is a martyr.  But unfortunately, we still look for excuses for not going.  We will be considered as dead people and Allah knows that they are liars.

Peace and prayers upon Allah’s messenger, His family, and companions.

Yusuf al-Ayiri, Allah bless his soul

The Global Islamic Media Front

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Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Southeast Asia


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