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New IS-aligned Group Threatens New York, Vows Vengeance for Baghuz

A newly-formed Islamic State (IS)-aligned group threatened New York City and vowed vengeance for the victims of Baghuz, Syria.

Tuesday, 02 April 2019
Saudi Desalination & Power Plants Threatened by Houthis

Revealing aerial footage of targets, Yemen’s Houthis threatened a desalination and power plant near Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

Thursday, 21 March 2019
AQAP Official Uses Occasion of Papal Mass in UAE to Incite Regime Change in Region

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) official Khalid Batarfi delivered a video speech using the occasion of the historic papal mass in the UAE to incite change in the regime.

Thursday, 28 February 2019
Al-Qaeda Condemns Papal Mass in UAE, Calls Muslims in Arabian Peninsula to Embrace Jihad and Support AQAP and Shabaab

Al-Qaeda (AQ) condemned the historic papal mass in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, considering it a manifestation of of the shame into which leaders plunged Muslims, and called on Muslims in the entire Arabian Peninsula to embrace jihad and seek help from and lend support to AQAP and the Shabaab in Somalia.

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Friday, 08 February 2019
Dubai-Owned DP World Executive Assassinated by Shabaab Militants in Somalia

The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement claimed killing a UAE-based DP World executive in the Port of Bosaso, Somalia.

Monday, 04 February 2019
Shabaab Claims Assassination of DP World Company Manager in Bosaso, Blast in Mogadishu on Security Officials

The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement claimed credit for the assassination of a manager for the UAE-based DP World Company in the port city of Bosaso, and blast in Mogadishu's Hamar Weyne district, targeting security officials.

Monday, 04 February 2019
Jihadist Suggests Attacks on Tourists, Religious Temples in Dubai

To take advantage of "white-collar recession" in Dubai, and to "avenge" Muslims, a jihadist suggested attacks on tourists and churches, synagogues, and Buddhist temples in the Emirati city.

Friday, 01 February 2019
AQ Leader Zawahiri Urges Saudi Muslims Immigrate for Jihad and Strategic Planning, Attack U.S. and Israeli Interests

Al-Qaeda (AQ) leader Ayman al-Zawahiri urged Saudi Muslims to immigrate for jihad and strategic planning in existing battlefields, and called on them to attack American and Israeli interests to bring down Gulf governments.

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Monday, 24 December 2018
Houthi Rebels Fire Ballistic Missile at Port of Hodeidah

Yemen’s Houthi rebels fired a ballisitic missile towards the port of Hodeidah, reports the Saudi-led Arab coaltion.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Syrian Oil Network Sanctioned by U.S.

Companies and individuals charged with facilitating oil trade for the Syrian government, including with the Islamic State (ISIS/IS), have been sanctioned by the U.S.

Monday, 10 September 2018
AQAP Publishes Interview with Official Regarding Military Situation of Fighters, Yemeni Public Perception of U.S. Forces

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) published the text of an interview with group official Khalid bin Umar Batarfi addressing topics such as the current military situation of fighters, Yemeni public perception of U.S. forces, and the role of the UAE in the country.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Shabaab Leader Slams "Parliament of Mercenaries" in Audio Speech, Says Nearly 200 AMISOM Forces Killed in 3 Months

The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement released an audio speech from its leader - the third within three weeks - slamming the Somali government as having a "parliament of mercenaries," and declaring that nearly 200 AMISOM forces were killed in the past three months.

Monday, 21 May 2018
AQAP Charges UAE-Backed Forces with Assassinating Scholars in 2nd Issue of Madad Bulletin

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released the second issue of its Madad Bulletin, wherein it charged UAE-backed forces in Yemen with waging a war on Islam and Sunni Yemenis through assassinating religious scholars.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018
AQAP Warns Tribesmen in Shabwa from Joining Battle Against its Fighters

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) warned tribesmen in Yemen’s Shabwa governorate from joining the battle against its fighters, threatening to ‘cut the hand’ of anyone that attempts to harm them.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017
AQAP Threatens to Execute Houthi, Urges Abyan Tribes Prevent Military Recruitment

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) threatened to execute Houthi prisoners in its possession if Houthis proceed to implement death sentences on jailed fighters, and urged tribes in Yemen’s Abyan governorate to prevent military recruitment of their people.

Friday, 18 August 2017
AQAP Official Batarfi Urges Muslims in Southern Yemen to Resist UAE and Allied Forces

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a video speech from one of its officials, Khalid bin Umar Batarfi, urging Muslims in southern Yemen to resist forces from the United Arab Emirates and its allies, claiming that they and the Houthis are “two sides of the same coin”.

Friday, 28 July 2017
AQAP Official Batarfi Remarks on Saudi Reception for Trump, Urges Yemeni Tribes Battle U.S. Troops on Ground

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) official Khalid bin Umar Batarfi condemned the reception by Saudi leaders for U.S. President Donald Trump, remarking that it demonstrates their lack of religiosity and morals, and urged Yemeni tribes to battle any U.S. military presence on the ground.

Sunday, 11 June 2017
Benghazi Defense Brigade Says UAE Spearheaded Terrorist Designation by Four Arab Countries

The Benghazi Defense Brigade (BDB) criticized its designation as a terrorist organization by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, claiming that it a move driven by the UAE in order to remove an obstacle in its “attempt at dominating Benghazi”.

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Saturday, 10 June 2017
Afghan Taliban Condemns Kandahar Bombing, Attributes Attack to “Covert Intelligence Circles in Afghanistan”

The Afghan Taliban further denied the January 10, 2017 bombing at a government compound in Kandahar, which killed five diplomats from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017
Afghan Taliban Reiterates Innocence from Kandahar Bombing, Expresses Intent for Good Relations with UAE

The Afghan Taliban reiterated that its fighters were not involved in the bombing in Kandahar in which five diplomats from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were killed, and expressed that it wishes to have good relations with the UAE.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017
SCBR Video Alleges "Conspiracy" by Gulf and Western States on Benghazi

The Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries (SCBR) released a video charging the United States, Britain, Egypt, France, Italy, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates with "conspiring" together against Benghazi.

Wednesday, 05 October 2016