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IS Supporters Flood TG Channels with Posters Inciting for Lone-Wolf Attacks on New Year's Eve

As the holiday season draws to a close with New Year's Eve, Islamic State (IS) supporters flooded Telegram channels with posters inciting for and providing suggestions for lone-wolf attacks on New Year's Eve.

Monday, 31 December 2018
Pro-IS Telegram Channel Calls to Attack American and European Shopping Centers, New York Public Pools

A pro-Islamic State (IS) Telegram channel called on lone-wolf jihadists to take revenge for U.S.-led coalition airstrikes on markets in Raqqah and attack American and European shopping centers and New York public pools.

Thursday, 31 August 2017
After Suggesting Italy as Next Target, Pro-IS Telegram Channel Recommends Locations to Strike There and in Belgium and Denmark

Four days after it suggested Italy as the next target of an Islamic State (IS) attack or that by lone wolves, a pro-IS Telegram channel recommended particular locations to strike with vehicles there and in Belgium and Denmark.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017
IS' 'Amaq Reports Copenhagen Police Shooter a "Soldier of the Islamic State"

'Amaq News Agency of the Islamic State (IS) reported that the individual who shot two police officers and a civilian in the Christiania neighborhood of Copenhagen, Denmark, is a "soldier of the Islamic State".

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Friday, 02 September 2016
Pro-IS Media Group Calls on Muslims in U.S. and Europe to Rise Up, Carry Out Lone Wolf Attacks

Addressing Muslims in America and several European countries including Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain, the pro-Islamic State (IS) al-Thabaat ("Constancy") Media Foundation urged they rise up and carry out lone wolf attacks against "disbelievers".

Tuesday, 16 August 2016
Jihadi Media Group al-Fursan Gives Biography of Slain Son of Top al-Qaeda Official Behind Danish Embassy Bombing in Islamabad

Al-Fursan Media Foundation, a newly-established jihadi media group, published a biography of a deceased son of slain al-Qaeda official Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, identifying the son as a planner of many "unique" operations, including the June 2008 suicide bombing at the Danish embassy in Islamabad.

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Friday, 01 April 2016
IS Supporter Continues Calls for Attack on Copenhagen Cartoon Event

An Islamic State (IS) supporter on Twitter continued calling for attacks on a Prophet cartoon exhibit in Copenhagen.

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Saturday, 26 September 2015
IS Supporters on Twitter Call for Attacks on Planned Prophet Cartoon Exhibitions

Islamic State (IS) supporters and residents on Twitter called for attacks on planned Prophet cartoon exhibitions in Copenhagen, Paris, Madrid, and London.

Friday, 25 September 2015
IS Supporter Offers Attack Methods and Targets for Westerners

An Islamic State (IS) supporter provided a series of methods and targets for lone wolf attacks in the West.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015
“Middle East Cyber Army” Defaces Israeli, Mexican, US and Other International Websites

As part of “Operation Israel 2015,” a hacking group by the name of “Middle East Cyber Army” has claimed to have targeted hundreds of Israeli websites with defacement attacks, and released over 200 email addresses and passwords of alleged Israeli accounts, and 70,000 purported Israeli router login credentials.

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Monday, 20 April 2015
IS’ North Baghdad Province Begins Video Series “Knights of the Gardens (of Paradise)” with Syrian Suicide Bomber

The Islamic State’s (IS) “North Baghdad Province” began a new video series called “Knights of the Gardens (of Paradise),” featuring in the first episode a Syrian suicide bomber urging Muslims to wage jihad and striking an Iraqi army checkpoint.

Friday, 06 March 2015
Copenhagen Attacks Draw Support from Jihadists on Twitter

Jihadists and jihadist supporters on social media responded to the February 14, 2015 attacks on a cafe and synagogue in Copenhagen in celebration.

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Saturday, 14 February 2015
Jihadists Regard Copenhagen Attack as Lone-Wolf Operation, Recall Threats to Lars Vilks
Lars Vilks
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Saturday, 14 February 2015
Russian Visa Center in Denmark Allegedly Hacked by “Anon Security”

The hacking group “Anon Security" purportedly targeted the Russian Visa Center in Denmark and leaked its database on a pasting site.

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014
Shabaab Calls Muslims in India, Pakistan and the West to Jihad in “Mujahideen Moments” Episode 6

The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement released the sixth episode in its “Mujahideen Moments” series, featuring fighters calling on Muslims in India, Pakistan, and Western countries, and particularly those in Minnesota in the U.S., to participate in jihad.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014
ISIL Identifies French and Danish Among Six Suicide Attackers

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) identified French and Danish fighters among six suicide attackers who carried out strikes against Iraqi security forces in Ninawa province.

Monday, 19 May 2014
Danish Fighter Identified Among 26 ISIL Suicide Bombers in Diyala

The Diyala division of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) identified a Danish fighter, “Abu Khattab al-Dinmarki,” in a picture set featuring 26 suicide bombers who carried out attacks in the province.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Jihadists Discuss Possible Locations of Next al-Qaeda Strike

Jihadists discussed possible locations of al-Qaeda's next strike and battlefront, with one suggesting attacks in the U.S. and Europe, and another believing a front will be opened in Lebanon.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Death of Danish Jihadi Announced Online

Jihadi users of social networking sites reported that Danish fighter Shiraz Tariq (AKA Abu Musa al-Pakistani) died in Syria on September 25, 2013, and distributed links to a video commemorating the jihadi.

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Wednesday, 02 October 2013
Danish Jihadist Promises Honor, Invites Fighters To Syria

Danish jihadist Abu Musa reminded foreign fighters in Syria of the blessings of Allah and instructed Western Muslims to emigrate in the second episode of the Danish-language "The Forgotten Obligation" video series.

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Monday, 09 September 2013
Danish Jihadist Calls European Muslims to Emigrate to Syria

An interview with a Danish jihadist, Abu Musa, in which he called on listeners to leave Europe for Syria was distributed to an English-language jihadist forum, where it was met with support. The 12-minute 19-second interview, carried out in Danish and featuring English-language subtitles, is titled "Den forglemte forpligtelse" (The Forgotten Obligation) was posted to YouTube on August 30, 2013 by a user with the name "Sham Pro." Through the video, Abu Musa describes emigrating to Syria to attempt to create an Islamic state through "dawah [outreach] and jihad." Noting that the initial transition from life in Denmark to Syria was initial difficult, he enthused that the Syrian people have been welcoming of emigrants and called his departure "a fantastic experience."

Asked who the "real Danish fighters" are, Abu Musa asserted that they are an educated group that includes engineers, medical students, and computer programmers who gave up a life of luxury for jihad and the creation of an Islamic state. He noted that the mujahideen have lost at least two Danish fighters, with others lost in different regions of the country.

The interview was shared on the Ansar al-Mujahideen English Forum (AMEF) on August 31, 2013, in a discussion thread titled "Interview with Abu Musa, the brother from Denmark." Members of the forum congratulated Abu Musa on what they regarded as effective advocacy of emigration for jihad, congratulating him for engaging in "REAL da'wah [outreach]."

A transcript of the subtitles and selected messages from the discussion follow.

"Umm_Badr" created a discussion thread on the Ansar al-Mujahideen English Forum (AMEF) titled "Interview with Abu Musa, the brother from Denmark" on August 31, 2013 to distribute links to the interview. She posted:

"Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh [May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you],

"A YouTube video about the interview of brother Abu Musa, the brother from Denmark who about the situation in Sham.

"May Allah Azza wa Jal [The Glorious and Exalted] protect them and grant them and their families the best in this world and Akirah [the afterlife], Ameen.....

Subtitle in English:hxxp://"

On the same day, "Umm617ah" noted approvingly that:

"jazaakum Allaahu khayran [May Allah reward you greatly] this was a beneficial video.

"He is calling brothers and sisters to fulfill their obligations of hijrah [emigration] and jihaad and da'wah [outreach]

"I heard of many brothers taking their families ,may Allaah elevate their status and make them succeed in this life and akhirah [the afterlife]"

Several days later, on September 4, 2013, the forum administrator "tarbiya" added his own note of approval, writing:

"Maa Shaa' Allah [Allah willing].

"This is REAL da'wah [outreach] to Allah's Deen [religion], from a true daa'ee [proselytizer], unlike the fake da'wah of the scholars for dollars..........

"May Allah guide the kuffaar [non-believers] who watched that program in Danish TV.

"was salaam [go with peace]."

A transcript of the English-language subtitles follows, with occasional punctuation added for clarity.

Interviewer: "Peace be upon you, Abu Musa. I am standing with you in Sham and have some questions I would like to ask you and hope you can answer. The first question is; how can you leave the so-called "good life" in Denmark?"

Abu Musa (AM): "The good life in Denmark, with Allahs mercy and his blessings it is of course for Allah swt that I left "the good life" as it is called in Denmark. It was a blessing, but as Allah says in the Quran Sura 9 Ayah 24, where Allah mentions 8 benefits which the human being always think of[:] his wife, children, brothers, father, life, house, business, and his wealth. Everything which Allah swt mentions, is something that Allah know[s] a human being needs in his life, and if you can renounce all of this it is from Allah swt's will, blessing and mercy that He can make people renounce this it is because the human being will like to meet his creator, and especially a Muslim he worships Allah swt and follow[s] his commands.

[1:30] .. and he will like to meet Him in the way Allah wishes.It is actually a blessing from Allah, the goods/ benefits, I am also a human being I also have a wife and children, family, brothers and sisters, money and all those stuff but it is a pleasure to meet with Allah swt, it is the best of the best.

Allah says in another Ayah, the believers who love Allah the most, roughly translation of this Ayah, then it is clear that I want to meet Allah swt, my Creator who created the heavens and the eath, the whole universe and life. So of course it will be a pleasure to meet Allah swt and he ordered us to fight for his sake, and that is why I am here in the Land of Sham and renounced all of these goods/benefits and I have a new family [-] they are my brothers who fight for the sake of Allah"

[Interviewer, 2:23]: Now you have been here in Syria or Sham, for a long time, how is the life here?

[Abu Musa, 2:37]: The life, I would say is of course a war zone. It is clear that the life for us here is a beautiful experience because you have a new family it is this brother who also left their families and the materialistic goods they have the same goal, which is to establish the Islamic state and it is clear that is with Dawah and jihad. Clearly it was difficult in the start, you are in a new country, new people. Nevertheless, you learn the language, you are amongst them, they love you, they invite you into their houses, and you become comfortable with your new family and the bond you have with these people is of course Islam. It is "La illah illah Allah" which connects us, you can see I am Pakistani from Denmark, but these people who are Syrian are a different people but the connection between us is "La illah illah Allah." The life here is different compared to the one in Denmark, but the life here is for building a new life for those people who will reside here in Syria. The new life meaning the Islamic life, the new identity meaning the Islamic identity. And in this way, you call people and they listen. They receive us with great pleasure, it is a fantastic experience.

[Interviewer, 4:13] The third question, the Danish media mentions the Danish fighters as former criminals or someone who do not have anything to do. Can you tell us who the real Danish fighters are, who are here in Syria?

[Abu Musa, 4:23] The Danish fighters, may Allah with his blessing and mercy watch over the Danish fighters, they are not former criminals; those I met have an academic education. Some are engineers, some of them were studying medicine, computer engineering, programming, and etc. It is clear that they are academics, it is not someone who did not have anything to do. They had the best career, they had education. They could have gathered a lot of wealth and they lived a luxury life but they renounced all of this for the sake of Allah. They came here to create the new state, the new Islamic state, and it requires these kind of resources.

[Interviewer, 5:17] The Danish fighters and other fighters from the west, what is their goal here in Sham, with this jihad?

[Abu Musa, 5:23] With this jihad, their goal is simple: it is to create the Islamic state and to create this Islamic state is not just like this that you come to this country and start creating it, no. The Islamic state requires some people who immigrate to a place where there are some people who like to receive them, i.e. the Ansar in Syria are muhajireen from Europe, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan, Africa, and etc. When they come here, they are received with pleasure by the Ansar, who are the Syrian people. So together they can build the Islamic State together, it requires Dawah to them building schools, giving them the education system, giving them new thoughts and they have actually received it very good. So those immigrants , those Danish fighters who come here they are good, live here, are amongst these people and together they can build the Islamic State which is the sovereign goal after the Islamic state they will more out towards all the other countries and of course expand the Islamic state. We do not have any borders, we do not believe in it. So we will make this Islamic state much bigger. We used to own 1/3 of the world, and with Allahs help, we will have more, which Allah has promised us, Allah willing.

[Interviewer, 6:54] Can you tell us about your experience here in Syria?

[Abu Musa, 7:00] I can tell you that right now we are in a safety area where we with Allahs permission have created schools for the children, calming people, the normal life, the business life, the social life is going on. And in other areas where there are no security, war zone, of course the mujahideen are busy with the battles and with Allah's permission we have lost a lot of our brothers. And among them is 2 Danish fighters, some other areas we lost some other Danish fighters. As well as the Danish brothers, we also lost some other European brothers. Let me mention some examples[:] we lost Abu Harith and we lost Abu Ahmed, and Abu Aishah Danemarki. Their blood is not in vain. With their blood we will build the Islamic state. Our mission is straight going, our prophet called for this Islam, established the Islamic state with the companions and it cost a lot of blood, and the same thing will happen here. The life in jihad, you never know when you will be killed. You always have to have this on your mind that you can lose your life, we can lose our life here. If something happens, this is something which Allah swt has written for us. But the fundamental issues are that we will keep on doing what we are obligated to do[:] call people to Islam, make jihad, establish the Islamic state like our forefathers did, like our Sahaba did that time 1400 years back. So of course, we have seen this, felt it on our body and we will see the brothers who have lost their life, their blood will not be wasted. Now they find themselves in Jannah, may Allah accept their blood and their actions in jihad.

[Interviewer, 9:26] The last question, what is your advice to Muslims in the west?

[Abu Musa, 9:31] I would say to the Muslim brothers and sisters, who reside in Europe and the West they should open their eyes, look at reality. I am here, I had an education as an engineer, but I took the step and came here. There will of course be tests like Allah told us in the Quran, that there would be a lot of tests. The test is your family, your patience, your meeting with your new family who has the same thoughts as me. Together, we can make a difference, but it is difficult. But it is not impossible, it is possible. And I would say to the brothers and sisters who live in Europe[:] bring your family with you, make Hijrah to this land, Hijrah is an obligation in itself. It is an big obligation you will make, not only this you will make Ribaat in the new Islamic state, it is an obligation in itself and jihad in the path of Allah fighting the enemy is also an obligation. Making Dawah is also an obligation in itself which many people also do, but they can do it optimally here, since the people here are very much receptive. I know the European people do make Dawah, but now they are being prevented. So I will advise them to come to this land, take your children with you and also the Muslim women can come here and be a part of the Islamic State. Do not listen to people who say it is impossible, there is no security. The security is here and you will make the full security with the Sharia state, the Tawheed state. You will experience it. We are building schools here, where we teach them Islam. They will get the Islamic identity and become the Muslim warriors who will conquer the whole world, especially Europe, the west, and Africa. They will get the right thoughts by the Ulema who are here in the Islamic State. And I myself have experienced it, it is a blessing from Allah who gave us this opportunity to advice my brothers and sisters to come here before it is too late. You can be part of creating the Islamic state for the second time. Its like the Sahaba the first time 1400 years ago, you will experience it for the second time.


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Friday, 06 September 2013