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With nearly two decades of experience in tracking and analyzing the online activity of the global extremist community, SITE’s advanced threat monitoring and analysis services are unparalleled. SITE monitors online threats worldwide from terrorist groups, jihadists, hackers, far-right/far-left movements, and other groups.

We provide a range of products and services, with specialized monitoring and analytical reports tailored for different markets. Our clients include governments worldwide, Fortune 500 companies, major media outlets, academic institutions, and more.

SITE’s team of expert analysts are uniquely qualified to provide 24/7 monitoring of online open-source material that is challenging to locate, assess, and contextualize. SITE constantly and immediately translates the material (videos, audios, statements, communiques, and more) and provides a contextual analysis, explaining its source, authentication, and significance. New alerts are circulated by email, and all content is logged onto SITE’s interactive and easily navigable database, comprised of tens of thousands of reports tagged by category, location, group, individuals, etc. Multimedia, such as video or audio messages, are also streamed through our website.

Each SITE monitoring service is available individually for subscription; services can also be bundled together for package rates. All monitoring services are available in two versions: enterprise and personal. Special rates are available for non-profit institutions.

SITE Jihadist Threat

SITE’s Jihadist Threat service allows government, commercial, academic, and other institutions to receive real time access to and analysis of online material distributed by jihadist and terrorist groups and their supporters worldwide. This includes primary source material published by the groups themselves, including videos, statements, speeches, claims of attacks, manuals, magazines and other propaganda; as well as commentary from individuals on social media platforms, including calls for recruitment, incitement, and threats. Groups covered include ISIS and al-Qaeda and their respective branches in the Middle East, Africa, Central and East Asia, as well as the Taliban groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Syrian militant factions.

This monitoring service is accompanied by two periodic inSITE reports, which provide trend analysis of operations and campaigns: inSITE on the Islamic State and inSITE on al Qaeda. See below for details.

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inSITE Reports


inSITE Reports
In addition to providing continuous monitoring and alerts, SITE also synthesizes data into concise analytical inSITE reports. These reports provide summaries and trend analyses of online activity, as well as local groups’ operations and campaigns, with focuses on particular regions, countries, groups, or other thematic topics. The content of the reports not only includes summaries (with links) of existing SITE monitoring alerts, but also additional analyses of specific threats/campaigns, media trends, major attacks, and social media chatter. The reports include graphs, maps, and links to archived material.

The inSITE reports are designed for specific sectors whose operations are impacted (including ICT, Energy, and Finance); analysts of a specific subject matter, region, or group (ISIS/ISIL, al-Qaeda, technology, etc.). Each report features “key points” highlighting the most significant developments and trends of the reporting period, providing a valuable resource for subscribers who are seeking a consolidated analytical brief rather than the raw data offered by our monitoring services.

inSITE on the Islamic State

Designed for government, academic, and policy makers in the counterterrorism field, as well as and corporate and non-governmental clients operating in areas affected by ISIS/ISIL. The weekly inSITE on the Islamic States report provides macro-analysis based on official communiques, online chatter, media reports, and existing SITE research. This multimedia report covers all ISIS/ISIL attacks claimed worldwide, suicide operations, special features on military and propaganda campaigns.



Research and Trend Analysis
For those seeking a customized solution to researching, studying, and analyzing the global jihadist movement, SITE offers a variety of tailored solutions customized entirely for the client. Whether an industry-specific threat analysis, constantly monitoring jihadist forums for mention of a corporation or brand name, or a study on trends related to a particular issue or region, SITE can create a customized solution to suit your specific needs.

Investigation Assistance, Forensic Analysis, and Expert Testimony
For government clients and law enforcement, SITE offers a variety of services. SITE analysts can assist with investigations into jihadist activity, conduct forensic analysis of seized material and data, and provide expert testimony in court cases.

Seminar and Lecture Services
SITE can provide private seminars and customized training to educate both public and private sector intelligence analysts with the latest trends and developments within the online jihadist community, as well as how to monitor jihadists effectively. SITE analysts are also available for lectures and speaking engagements to offer insight into the global jihadist movement.

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