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A pro-Islamic State (IS) Telegram channel urged jihadists in Bangladesh to spearhead a military support campaign for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (Burma), entailing the smuggling of weapons, training Rohingya, and actively fighting.

The “LM” channel (acronym for ”Lone Mujahid”) forwarded on February 28, 2017, a series of English posts from a pro-IS Malaysian Telegram channel regarding a Malaysian ship attempting to bring food and other relief to Rohingya in Myanmar and suggesting Muslims there begin jihad and pledge to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and then posted its own idea. The “LM” idea involves Bengali jihadists and fighters gathering weapons and deploying to Myanmar and employing guerrilla warfare and defense techniques against Rakhine Buddhists and the Myanmar government, and training the Rakhine to fight, as well. It added:

Take heed from the ones who slapped amerika in her face (Vietnamese) they created a system of smuggling from the north to the south and vice versa by a network of underground tunnels transporting weapons / food and SOLDIERS

Following is a copy of the English posts:

Ship to Rohingya news👇👇

Behind the screen about the ship from Malaysia for the people in Rohingya

Forgive me brothers n sisters in Islam, extremely busy
Saturday morning, we listened to a talk regarding the ship from Malaysia that had sent food and many things to Muslem Rohingya. The talk was given by an ustadz who was also had been in the ship for 20 days of travelling

He mentioned how they struggled to get a ship to go after 2,000 tonnes  of loads they had collected from people in Malaysia

They managed to get the ship and after some metres departure from Malaysian port, they have to returns back because got people who last minute donate 200 tonnes things

After days on the sea everything going smooth but just as they arrived in Myanmar sea due to no permission were asked to Myanmar's government tp enter their sea border, the Myanmar Military ship come near and after some negotiation they managed to entered but with a condition that the armies must follow them
After that they have to discuss some more when reached and the Myanmar government promised will pass the things to Muslem Rohingya and there was a small group of Buddhist make a demonstration not to accept the things from Malaysia. The government officer had made the crew so tired due to have to count everything one more time and they had just accepted some amount of every items

After that they went to Bangladesh and again were not easily coming near to Citagong the nearest port to Camp Kutupalong near the border of Bangladesh-Myanmar where the Muslem Rohingya lived in hardship and very bad conditions
The government people have a meeting with the leaders of the NGOs and negotiation  had been long since all the crews were not permitted to enter but the food and things only can be brought down,after meeting in the ship heard of loud voices inside getting anger and so on, finally only 25 people can get down from ship to enter camp Kutupalong to meet the Muslem Rohingya

The Bangladesh people so many and they were also in hardship therefore the Rohingya people lived in extra hardship a very small house for each family with roof from coconut tree leaves inside were a toilet bowl,kitchen and place to sleep etc,very small for each family and outside everywhere got animals but very smelly u cannot imagine, this is their life for years

Their masjid made of elastic soil, when raining the masjid ruined and they build it again

Some of their house part no roof due to the coconut leaves not cover all therefore some part may cover from rain and some not

When outsider from Malaysia came, they rushed to them because they know that outside people may bring something good

They told how their hardship being raped etc to the ship crew

Imagine they travelled to other countries around 70 people on a small boat, eventhough its dangerous they have no choice, no life in Myanmar people keep killing and torture them

When they reached near Thailand, they were not allowed to sail, the Thailand people throw food from far by helicopter and some must swim to get the food to bring to the boat

I don't think the food and things will be given to the Rohingya Muslems

They said it took days to distribute and people from Malaysia can come again after some days to witness it

But how it took a lot of money and sacrifices of the crews to come again, nobody will come again in just few days to make sure those

The Muslem Rohingya mostly did not know what to do in life due to the reason they had been restricted from receive any education

Only some solutions may be done
1. Jihad, must form a jihadis group to pledge bay'ah to Caliph and fight there until establish Wilayah Arakan
2. While this being done, the people in Malaysia should get some land to built houses for the Muslem Rohingya everywhere in Malaysia and should struggle to get migrate the Muslem Rohingya from Arakan, Maung Daw where only left around 400,000 Muslems out of a million before and 30-40,000 who lived in Kutupalong camp, should be transfer to Malaysia since Malaysia accept Rohingya refugees for now


Looking at it from an analytical point of view. pledging is all fine but then you'll have the masses (kuffar) coming on you like hungry wolves with a reason to fight you (eg..shouting at you look "isis is here"! Etc) and you've got no weapons to fight back and defend with...

strategically Only when you're strong enough should you pledge "openly" So take heed from Jaysh Khalid ibn Waleed in the south west tip of Syria. They still haven't pledged officially and yet are still an affiliate

Jihad is the only option as the Apostate leaders won't go to war in defense of the blood / honor of Muslims

but due to a lack of weapons and training in qital amongst the Muslims there (rakhine state), the ones closest (Muslims in Bangladesh) need to take steps on focusing on smuggeling some weapons and trained personnel to train others and carry out ops even if it is a small group operating..

Shaykh Mus'ab az Zarqawi ra went to Iraq with around 17 brothers

I remember way before the announcement of the khilafah
TTP (tahreek Taliban Pakistan) Sent some mujahids who were operating in Burma and causing some havoc and then they went all quiet

So for ikhwa in Bangledesh and anywhere else the bare minimum / priority would be:

gather some weapons together and a small team of mujahideen trained up with use of weapons and maybe art of warfare ..

Operate by employing warfare tactics such as guerilla warfare and defensive with  occasionally some offensive

Train / recruit ikhwah inside Burma

Receive recruits from outside  Burma (training camps in Burma)

To smuggle - this can be in various forms either on land from sea or from under (the) ground...

Take heed from the ones who slapped amerika in her face (Vietnamese) they created a system of smuggling from the north to the south and vice versa by a network of underground tunnels transporting weapons / food and SOLDIERS

📡 Please Spread info for any Brothers in Bangladesh

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