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SITE’s Western Jihadists service provides vital information about the process by which online recruitment takes place in western countries, including location, motivation, demographics, and information about well-known jihadi recruiters.
The service includes summaries and analyses of significant discussions and information found on selected Western-oriented jihadi forums and social media platforms. The service regularly covers threats and incitements, as well as conversations and artifacts revealing recruitment appeals, migration methods, and other important information not typically included in official jihadist communications. The full spectrum of jihadi and terrorist groups operating in western countries are covered, including: ISIS, AQ, along with their affiliated western groups and media outlets in Syria, Iraq and other locations. (e.g.: AlRisalah Media, GIMF, Furat Media)

WJFT AMEF Toulouse trans

A jihadist translation team distributed an English translation of "Lessons and Treasures from the Battle of Toulouse," a March 23, 2012 message from the jihadist ideologue Abu Sa'ad al-'Amili drawing lessons from the shootings carried out by Mohammed Merah in Montauban and Toulouse, France and inciting for similar attacks.

WJFD Somalia 7

Members of a password-protected English-language jihadist forum distributed images of Nigerian and Somali jihadists posing with weapons, and celebrated a suicide attack carried out by Boko Haram near a Christian church on Easter that killed at least 38 individuals.

Tags: Jihadist News: Chatter
Countries: Nigeria,Somalia
Western Jihadists: Western Jihadists

WJFD Bank Robbery

{Bank Robbery Footage, credit: Federal Bureau of Investigation}

Jihadists presented download links for a document outlining tactics used by successful bank robbers who have “gotten away” with “large sums of money,” as well as manuals for creating homemade firearms suppressors in discussion threads created during late-March 2012.

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Military Manuals and Training: Military Manuals and Training
Western Jihadists: Western Jihadists

WJFD pyrodex
{Pyrodex, a recommended explosive powder}

Jihadists posted links where readers could download explosives manuals and tutorials, including one that instructs in methods that can be used by “a terrorist with minimal equipment” and which provides suggestions for both legally and illegally sourcing explosives components in the United States.

Tags: Jihadist News: Chatter
Military Manuals and Training: Military Manuals and Training
Western Jihadists: Western Jihadists


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