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SITE’s Western Jihadists service provides vital information about the process by which online recruitment takes place in western countries, including location, motivation, demographics, and information about well-known jihadi recruiters.
The service includes summaries and analyses of significant discussions and information found on selected Western-oriented jihadi forums and social media platforms. The service regularly covers threats and incitements, as well as conversations and artifacts revealing recruitment appeals, migration methods, and other important information not typically included in official jihadist communications. The full spectrum of jihadi and terrorist groups operating in western countries are covered, including: ISIS, AQ, along with their affiliated western groups and media outlets in Syria, Iraq and other locations. (e.g.: AlRisalah Media, GIMF, Furat Media)

WJFD SL Mosque

{Sri Lankan monks protesting; credit: BBC News}

Addressing the question of how Muslims living in a non-Muslim majority country should respond to aggression, members of an English-language jihadist forum encouraged Sri Lankan Muslims to retaliate after a mosque in the town of Dambulla was protested by Buddhist monks.

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Countries: Sri Lanka
Western Jihadists: Western Jihadists

WJFD Asrar ss
{Screenshot from Asrar al-Mujahideen}

Jihadists shared their worry that the popular jihadist-created encryption software Asrar al-Mujahideen [Mujahideen's Secrets] is being targeted by anti-virus programs after several members jihadist forum members noted that two widely-used anti-virus programs have begun to identify Asrar al-Mujahideen as a possible trojan virus.

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Western Jihadists: Western Jihadists


{Paris Metro Line 13}

Members of a French-language jihadist forum responded to news that an armed man had threatened to carry out a shooting in the Paris Metro station in the name of Mohamed Merah, by defending Merah as a hero of Islam and celebrating those who would carry out similar jihadist attacks.  

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Countries: France
Western Jihadists: Western Jihadists


{An American soldier, posting with an Afghan corpse; credit: Los Angeles Times}

Reacting with fury to a news article describing U.S soldiers in Afghanistan as posing with the mutilated bodies of Afghans, jihadist forum members demonized the United States and predicted American defeat in Afghanistan.

Tags: Jihadist News: Chatter
Countries: Afghanistan,United States
Western Jihadists: Western Jihadists


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