SITE’s inaugural Technology and Terrorism report is a must-read for those seeking to understand how groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda use the internet to recruit, finance, and incite violence.

The Technology and Terrorism report is a one-of-a-kind study, providing a fundamental guide for ICT companies and regulating agencies to help combat terrorism online. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of which platforms terrorists are using, the purposes those platforms serve, how terrorists sidestep security protocols, and the online entities that work to proliferate terrorist accounts and content.

The following spaces and platform-types are examined in detail:

  • Major and alternative social media platforms
  • Streaming, file-sharing, cloud, and pasting services
  • Encrypted and unencrypted messenger applications
  • Web archiving services
  • Blogging and webhosting platforms
  • Deep Web and Dark Web locations
Technology and Terrorism reports are part of SITE’s series of periodic inSITE Reports, applying SITE’s unparalleled monitoring of terrorist communications online to provide timely and comprehensive reporting and trend analyses.

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The rapid expansion of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has provided new avenues for jihadist and terrorist groups to recruit, finance, plan, and incite attacks. SITE monitors covert discussions and provides vital intelligence on jihadist and terrorist use of social media platforms, apps, messaging forums, mobile devices, the Dark Web and other forms of ICT, as well as threats and other communications issued by jihadist and terrorist hacking groups. SITE analyzes which technologies are most frequently used, and how these groups are responding and adapting to regulating measures.

In light of this growing threat, SITE’s Dark Web and Cyber Security Threat service will be provided on a complimentary basis to all subscribers for a limited time, with special promotional pricing for those interested in subscribing and staying up to date on future developments.

The service is designed for ICT companies and regulating agencies aimed at preventing and responding to jihadist and terrorist use of online platforms, as well as public and private institutions targeted by cyberattacks.

New alerts are circulated by email, and all content is catalogued in SITE’s interactive and easily navigable database, comprised of tens of thousands of tagged reports. Multimedia, such as video or audio messages, are also streamed through our website.

SITE’s team of expert analysts are uniquely qualified to provide 24/7 monitoring of material that is challenging to locate, assess and contextualize changes in the rapidly developing ICT sector.

SITE’s Dark Web and Cyber Security monitoring service is available in two versions: enterprise and individual. Special rates are available for non-profit institutions. For details and subscription information, contact [email protected].




SITE has developed a new service in response to requests from clients for more consolidated information, analysis, and trend assessment; as well as our own aims to effectively compile our abundance of acquired data.

Given the extent of extremist groups' increasing use of social media for recruitment and propaganda, as dramatically demonstrated by recent events in Paris, San Bernardino, and in the so-called homeland of the Islamic State and its expanding territories, it is all the more evident that analysis of online activity can reveal a great deal about these groups' motivations and activities.

Therefore, we would like to introduce a new series of inSITE reports that SITE is launching at the beginning of the year, in addition to our regular monitoring service.

These periodic inSITE reports provide summaries and trend analyses of online activity, as well as local groups’ operations and campaigns, with focuses on particular regions, countries, groups, or other thematic topics.

As a subscriber, you have already received three weekly inSITE reports on Somalia, the first weekly report on the Islamic State, and the first periodic inSITE report on Western jihadists/foreign terrorist fighters.

In addition, we are also producing periodic reports on the Syrian crisis (including regional activity), Yemen, and North Africa. The content of the reports not only includes summaries (with links) of existing SITE reports, but also additional analyses of specific threats/campaigns, media trends, major attacks, and social media chatter. The reports include graphs, maps, and links to archived material.

For the rest of the year, we will continue to share our weekly inSITE reports with of all our subscribers on a trial basis. However, starting in 2016, we will launch this service as a separate product line.

We would also welcome suggestions on additional topics/regions for future periodic inSITE reports, as we intend to further expand this service.

 If you would like to subscribe to this new service, please contact us at [email protected].

SITE Intelligence Group, along with its news services, provides extremist monitoring services to governments, corporations, and individuals. SITE Intelligence group also offers customized research, analysis, and expert testimony, along with seminar and lecture services.

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In the last month, the Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for three attacks in Bangladesh: the killing of Italian national Tavella Cesare on September 28, the killing of Japanese national Kunio Hoshi on October 3, and bombings of a Shi’ite temple in Dhaka on October 24.

The Bangladesh government has been aggressively denying ISIS involvement in the attacks. As these misleading efforts to make ISIS’ attack claims go unnoticed have failed, the government has turned its efforts toward a baseless campaign to discredit SITE, which was first to report on the claims, as well as its Director, Rita Katz.

SITE stands by its reports on ISIS’ claims of the three attacks in Bangladesh. The claims have been authenticated and found credible by SITE's rigorous verification process. Furthermore, all of the aforementioned claims were also featured in numerous IS media channels, including Telegram Messenger and the group’s publically available al-Bayan reports. Citizens and government officials in Bangladesh can even read the claims in their own language on a pro-ISIS Bengali blog.

The Bangladesh government's denial of ISIS’ attack claims and its continuous attempts to defame SITE's impeccable record do not change the fact that ISIS did claim responsibility for the aforementioned attacks. Furthermore, the Bangladesh government's smear tactics will do nothing to taint SITE’s reputation as the most trusted source of online jihadi monitoring and analysis.

It would serve the Bangladesh government much better to face the truth and focus its aggression on its real enemy, ISIS, rather than on those who warn about it. 

SITE Intelligence Group, along with its news services, provides extremist monitoring services to governments, corporations, and individuals. SITE Intelligence group also offers customized research, analysis, and expert testimony, along with seminar and lecture services.

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We are pleased to announce two new developments in SITE Intelligence Group’s services.


First, we would like to introduce our new service, Dark Web and Cyber Security Threat service.

Hacking and cyber warfare are becoming increasingly prevalent threats to governments, organizations, and people alike—threatening the privacy, livelihood, and safety of those targeted. The Dark Web and Cyber Security Threat service will monitor and analyze hacking campaigns, groups, and individuals while storing the reports on SITE’s unmatched database for extremism research.

The Dark Web and Cyber Security Threat service will cover activity across all ideologies (or lack thereof)—from solicitation of stolen data on the dark web, to jihadist-inspired cyber-attacks by groups like the Islamic State Hacking Division.services4

Also changing is SITE’s White Supremacist Threat service, which will be expanded and rebranded as the Far-Right/Far-Left Threat service.

As subscribers to the White Supremacist Threat service may have noticed, the service has been paying increasing attention to growing threats from militia and other communities in addition to white supremacist threats. Expanding our scope with the Far-Right/Far-Left Threat service, SITE will increase its monitoring of these communities while maintaining the same persistent research of white supremacist communities.

This service will also focus on equally dangerous activities by far-left threats, including (but not limited to) those from environmentalist, animal liberation, and anarchist communities.

For the next month, SITE will be providing free trials for both of these services to all subscribers.

If you have any questions, would like to subscribe to either of these services, or do not wish to receive the free trials, please email [email protected].

The SITE Intelligence Group is pleased to announce a new product, the Western Jihadist Forum Digest. This service provides a window into member activity on Western-language jihadist forums, highlighting relevant discussions and providing analysis on the activities of this online community. Dispatches in the Western Jihadist Forum Digest service particularly focus on articles and posts which attempt to incite forum participants to act on their jihadi beliefs and those which train readers in militant activities.

These online forums serve as a critical meeting point for jihadists living in the West and those who speak Western languages. The forums additionally provide a direct link to jihadists fighting in conflict areas around the world. Among the organizations with a presence on these forums are the Somali Shabaab al-Mujahideen, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and Boko Haram in Nigeria. Beyond connecting English-speaking followers to jihadist practitioners, password-protected Western jihadist forums increasingly serve as online training camps by hosting instructional manuals for the creation of homemade weaponry and explosives.

Beginning May 1, 2012, Western Jihadist Forum Digest will be offered as an optional service available only to subscribers who purchase this level of subscription. Anyone interested in this service should email [email protected] for more information. We are sure it will be a valuable resource for your monitoring and research needs.

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