The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, al-Qaeda’s (AQ) branch in Somalia, released a video featuring confessions from three Kenyan spies within the group, one of whom relayed from his English-accented handler that bounties are simply for “propaganda purposes”.

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Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a video on its July 18, 2017, suicide bombing at a camp of UAE-backed forces in the Belhaf area of Shabwa, and its August 2 raid on the forces’ positions in Rudum, in the same Yemeni governorate.

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Al-Qaeda (AQ) leader Ayman al-Zawahiri rallied fighters in the group’s branches in the Indian Subcontinent, North Africa, Somalia, and Yemen, and to those in the Mali area, called to “teach the French a lesson”.

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The Islamic State (IS) affiliated Furat Media released a video on attacks waged by IS fighters in Malgobek, a town in Ingushetia, Russia, in March-May 2017, and featuring a speech by one of the two commandos involved in the May 12 attack at a police checkpoint.

Tags: Multimedia: Multimedia
Countries: Russia
Media Groups: Furat Media
Groups: Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL)
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The Islamic State’s (IS) Khorasan Province, which spans Afghanistan and Pakistan, released a video showing Eid al-Adha festivities, featuring an English-speaking fighter noting the presence of Indians, Russians, and Tajiks in their ranks.

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An English-speaking Islamic State (IS) fighter in Kirkuk, Iraq, called in a video for Muslims to attack citizens of U.S.-led coalition states wherever they are found, arguing that such strikes are "more painful" to the enemy than the killing of "apostate" soldiers in the battlefield.

Tags: Multimedia: Multimedia
Countries: Iraq
Groups: Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL), Kirkuk Province (IS)
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The Islamic State (IS) released a video from its Khayr Province (Deir al-Zour) in Syria focusing on an elderly fighter brainwashing children to become suicide bombers and inciting Muslims outside the country, namely those in America, China, and Russia, to carry out attacks.

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Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a video speech by one of its officials, Khalid bin Umar Batarfi, calling on Muslims and especially those in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia to support their Rohingya Muslim brethren in Myanmar (Burma), and for al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) to carry out attacks.

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Manba al-Jihad, a media unit of the Afghan Taliban, released a video discussing ambushes and showing footage of such attacks, as well as bombings and suicide operations including that in July 2013 at the Kabul compound of the Supreme Group logistics company.

Tags: Multimedia: Multimedia
Countries: Afghanistan
Media Groups: Manba al-Jihad (Haqqani Network)
Groups: Afghan Taliban
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