As different corners of the far right embrace voter intimidation and predictions of violence ahead of the US Presidential Election, the SITE Intelligence Group has prepared the following report: “Disarray 2020: Inside the Far Right’s Apocalyptic Prepping for Post-Election ‘Civil War.’

SITE’s report describes what the far right anticipates for November on onward, as well as the conspiracy theories, perceptions of existential threats, and toxic ideologies feeding those predictions. It reveals a grim consensus among white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, militia members, and QAnon adherents alike that conflict is “inevitable.” The report also features an opening letter from SITE Executive Director Rita Katz, who explains that while an actual “civil war” is unlikely, the far right’s anticipation of it nonetheless sets the stage for instances violence, voter intimidation, and yet more distrust in American institutions.

Below is a message from SITE Director Rita Katz:

 Click below to download the full report.

   pdf Disarray 2020 (2.70 MB)

Media can inquire about receiving the report by emailing [email protected].

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