In the last month, the Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for three attacks in Bangladesh: the killing of Italian national Tavella Cesare on September 28, the killing of Japanese national Kunio Hoshi on October 3, and bombings of a Shi’ite temple in Dhaka on October 24.

The Bangladesh government has been aggressively denying ISIS involvement in the attacks. As these misleading efforts to make ISIS’ attack claims go unnoticed have failed, the government has turned its efforts toward a baseless campaign to discredit SITE, which was first to report on the claims, as well as its Director, Rita Katz.

SITE stands by its reports on ISIS’ claims of the three attacks in Bangladesh. The claims have been authenticated and found credible by SITE's rigorous verification process. Furthermore, all of the aforementioned claims were also featured in numerous IS media channels, including Telegram Messenger and the group’s publically available al-Bayan reports. Citizens and government officials in Bangladesh can even read the claims in their own language on a pro-ISIS Bengali blog.

The Bangladesh government's denial of ISIS’ attack claims and its continuous attempts to defame SITE's impeccable record do not change the fact that ISIS did claim responsibility for the aforementioned attacks. Furthermore, the Bangladesh government's smear tactics will do nothing to taint SITE’s reputation as the most trusted source of online jihadi monitoring and analysis.

It would serve the Bangladesh government much better to face the truth and focus its aggression on its real enemy, ISIS, rather than on those who warn about it. 

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