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In recent months, “kill lists” released by pro-Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS) hacking groups have dramatically increased in frequency and expanded in scope, according to a new report composed by the SITE Intelligence Group.

From March - May of 2016, pro-IS hacking entities released eight kill lists comprised of Americans’ personal information, along with calls to kill the individuals. These lists have included information on 3,600 alleged NY residents released on April 21; 1,543 Texas residents released on May 2; and 50 alleged U.S. State Department personnel released on the same day.

In response to heightened alert among government agencies and the public, the SITE Intelligence Group has composed a report analyzing pro-IS kill lists released between March 2 and May 2 of 2016.

SITE’s report, titled, “Kill Lists from Pro-IS Hacking Groups,” chronicles and analyzes these lists while providing information on the groups producing them. Importantly, the report clarifies that these lists are not actually released by IS itself, as many news reports have implied, but instead by a network of IS-supporting hacking entities with varying levels of connection to the group.

“Jihadi kill lists are not at all a new thing,” says SITE director Rita Katz. “However, lists released by pro-Islamic State hacking groups are quickly forming a genre of their own, especially when noting the differences in which types of targets they identify.

“Kill lists used to be focused almost entirely on blasphemers, religious deviants, and government and military targets. But the target scope appears to be widening, with recent kill lists by IS-linked hacking groups targeting seemingly random citizens.”

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