The SITE Intelligence Group has an unrivaled reputation for delivering verified, comprehensive, actionable intelligence and analysis addressing the online and on-the-ground activities of terrorist organizations worldwide.

SITE offers resources for all counter-terror researchers, whether you’re a law enforcement official keeping tabs on terrorist chatter, an academic studying the history of an extremist movement, or an ICT company scanning for dangerous content on your servers.


SITE’s services span rapidly emailed news alerts, sector-specific analytical reports, and real-time feeds of terrorist-related data. These resources are reinforced by SITE’s unmatched database, which spans decades of statements, media, chatter, and data from extremist entities around the globe.


Global Jihad

  • 24-7 updates and analytical reports
  • Covers all aspects of the global jihadist movement: media, military activity, chatter, etc.
  • Western jihadi trends, movements, and communities
  • Analytical reports on ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Western jihadists


  • Provides critical threats updates and analytical reports
  • Available through multiple categories:
    • Energy and Terrorism
    • Finance and Terrorism
    • GuideTracker: Terrorist explosives and military manuals
    • SourceFeed: Counter-terror solutions for governments and ICT companies

Tech & Terrorism

  • Services span news updates and analytical reports
  • Uncovers extremists’ use of social media, apps, messaging forums, the Dark Web, and other forms of ICT
  • inSITE on Technology and Terrorism: report on trends, developments, and tech-related threats
  • SourceFeed: Innovative ICT counter-terror solutions


  • Regular updates
  • Alerts and threat reports from fringe extremist movements
  • Tracks and reports on trends and threats from militia organizations, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, anarchists, eco-terrorists, and other extremists.


SITE’s Jihadist Threat service gives government, commercial, academic, and other institutions access to real-time reports and analysis of material distributed by jihadi terrorist groups and their supporters worldwide. This includes primary source material (videos, statements, speeches, claims of attacks, manuals, magazines and other propaganda) as well as commentary from individuals on social media platforms, including calls for recruitment, incitement, and threats.

Groups covered include ISIS and al-Qaeda, as well as their respective branches in the Middle East, Africa, Central and East Asia. Also included are Taliban groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and aligned Syrian militant factions.


Jihadist Threat is delivered through two package options:

ENTERPRISE: Access to full translations, streaming multimedia, and analysis via SITE Enterprise portal and emails. Customizable packages of various SITE services available.

INDIVIDUAL: Summaries of content with occasional access to multimedia and/or full translations via SITE News portal. Does not include daily emails.


SITE also publishes unique periodic reports on jihadist threats via its inSITE report series:

The Islamic State

Weekly report tracking, analyzing, and summarizing ISIS attacks, active locations, strategies, and trends around the world. Assesses the group’s propaganda campaigns, global reach, and strength of its various provincial divisions (as well as other aligned military presences across different regions). Also covers ISIS-linked media groups and supporters’ social media campaigns, cyber operations, and incitements.

Analyses utilize official terrorist communiques, online chatter, media reports, and existing SITE research. Reports are also supplemented by exclusive SITE-produced maps and infographics, which provide detailed breakdowns of military activities (types of attacks, locations, targets), regional trends, and other matters. Terrorist chatter is collected from various online sources, including invite-only encrypted chat groups, social media, and Deep-Web forums, among other spaces.

Reports also examine the symbiotic dynamics between ISIS’ central media division and its network of linked and supportive media groups, detailing trends regarding targets, regions, and other matters.


Monthly report covering al-Qaeda affiliates’ attack claims and suicide operations—including those by the Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), and Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen (NIM). Also covers activity by al-Qaeda-aligned organizations in Syria, Kashmir, and other locations, as well as content and activity by pro-AQ media groups and individuals online.

Issues provide detailed analyses of attack claims and suicide operations and examine military and propaganda campaigns based on official communiques, online chatter, media reports, and existing SITE research. Analyses are supplemented by exclusive SITE-produced maps and infographics, which provide detailed breakdowns of military activities (types of attacks, locations, targets) and regional trends for al-Qaeda affiliates.

Also examines rhetoric from al-Qaeda Central (news bulletins, leadership speeches, etc.), including incitements against countries, outreach to specific audiences, and other matters.

Western Jihadists

Periodic report providing trend analysis of recruitment efforts and campaigns by or suited toward Western jihadists. Reporting and analyses—which span incitements, attack targets, recruitment appeals, migration to foreign battlefronts, and other matters—are based on official communiques, online chatter, media reports, and existing SITE research.

Covers groups and individuals operating in Western countries and fighters abroad, as well as Western-aimed propaganda by terrorist media groups. Examines Western languages utilized in propaganda by ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations while providing detailed analyses of affiliated groups and media outlets in Syria, Iraq and other locations. Monitored entities span major media distributors and translators like the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) and al-Tamkin to independent, to fighter-operated content-producers like al-Risalah.

Reports also give updates on Western fighters, including appearances in multimedia, reports of death, social media activity, and other matters.


Subject-Specific Services

To meet the needs of different sectors and fields of study, SITE offers services tailored toward specific subjects and purposes:

Terrorism and Finance

Alerts and special reports analyzing terrorists’ impact on the finance sector, including security threats to banks, financial services, and businesses.

Identifies key methods by which terrorist groups conduct online terror financing (donation campaigns, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, money transfer services, etc.) and money-laundering activities.

Reports also explain how economic threats and attacks fit into the larger, global aims of terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda via leadership statements, multimedia campaigns, religious edicts, and other elements.

Energy & Critical Infrastructure

Alerts and analytical reports on terrorist threats to the energy sector and critical infrastructures, including transportation, telecommunications, public health, agriculture, and other vital services.

Updates on global trends and terrorist activity in energy-producing areas, with special region-focused reports covering groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, as well as eco-extremist and far-left groups in the Americas and Europe.

Reports use official communiques, online chatter, international media sources, and existing SITE research to provide political, geopolitical, and ideological factors motivating such threats and attacks.


Tracking Online Terror Training Manuals

Provides unedited, original versions of terrorist attack manuals being distributed online, including weapons and explosive materials manufacturing, purchasing and constructing homemade devices, and online training courses. Monitoring spans Deep Web jihadi forums, invite-only manual-focused chat groups on Telegram, and other online platforms.



ICT Counter-Terror Solutions

A special service enabling ICT companies and regulators to locate terrorist material on their platforms via unique, data-driven detection methods.



Technology and Terrorism

Designed for ICT companies and regulating agencies aimed at preventing and responding to jihadist and terrorist use of online platforms, as well as public and private institutions targeted by cyber-attacks.

Daily dispatches expose how jihadists and terrorists use ICT—social media platforms, apps, mobile devices, the Dark Web, etc.—for planning, inciting, financing, recruiting, and cyberwarfare.

Tracks and examines the latest trends associated with terrorist use of social media platforms, private messaging apps, file-hosting services, messaging forums, mobile devices, and the Dark Web. Analyzes which technologies are most frequently used, and how terrorists adapt to regulatory counter-measures.

Far-Right / Far-Left Threat

Designed to help law enforcement and targeted organizations mitigate and respond to emerging threats and prevent hate crimes, while also informing journalists and other media entities of emerging developments and trends.

Provides early warning and threat analysis, with immediate reporting on claims of attack, threats, announcements, communiques, and chatter on forums, websites. Tracks online communications of white supremacists, militia groups, anarchist groups, eco-terrorists, and other politically motivated extremists in North America, South America, Europe, and South Africa.

Updates provided as part of the service also give crucial context to extremist activity, including regional/global events, political developments, emerging social/political movements, and other variables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual subscriptions, accessed through the SITE News portal, provide summaries of reports from SITE’s Jihadist Threat service. Individuals subscribers will occasionally receive multimedia, full translations, transcripts, and other items reserved for Enterprise-level subscriptions.

Summaries delivered as part of Individual subscriptions are limited to Jihadist Threat material, and not Dark Web and Cyber Security, Far-Right/Far-Left, and other SITE services.

SITE’s Individual subscriptions are intended for anyone doing research on their own behalf: students, retired military personnel, freelance journalists, and independent researchers, among others.

SITE does not provide Individual subscriptions to anyone conducting research on behalf of any company, agency, institution, or organization; any such individuals should register for an Institution-level subscription.

You can register for a SITE individual subscription on our designated sign-up form.

Institution-level subscribers gain access to decades of terrorist and extremist statements, media, chatter, and data from every corner of the Internet. Our reports are provided with essential context and analysis, along with full translations from SITE’s multilingual staff of experts.

SITE’s Institution-level subscriptions are built by one or more of our available services, such as Jihadist Threat, Far-Right/Far-Left, and Dark Web and Cyber Security. We also offer specialized services tailored to specific regions and industries. These services can be purchased individually or bundled together with package rates.

Institution-level subscribers receive our reports throughout the day via email, and all content is logged onto SITE’s interactive and easily navigable database, comprised of tens of thousands of reports tagged by category, location, group, individuals, etc.

SITE’s Institution services are provided to institutions verified by SITE as legitimate and safe to provide our content to. Our clients include government agencies, media organizations, corporations, ICT companies, and non-profit organizations. We accept payments through wire transfer, check, or credit card.

Prices for our Institution-level monitoring and other services are determined by the type of institution (media, government, non-profit, academic, etc.), number of registered users, and which SITE services are selected.

To get an accurate quote, you can contact [email protected]

We offer sample content to approved entities. However, services containing highly sensitive material are not available for any samples.

SITE offers personal online demonstrations to institutional and professional parties, in which we showcase our services and find ways to best tailor them to meet your needs.

SITE material is copyrighted and cannot be redistributed without stated permission. We require any use of our research or material in the media to be sufficiently cited.