In the English edition of the 8th issue of its Rumiyah magazine, the Islamic State (IS) called on Muslims in the West to cause financial loss to the enemy and provided guidelines for the distribution of stolen property to a representative of the “Caliphate”.

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Media Groups: Hayat Media Center (IS)
Groups: Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL)


The Islamic State (IS) published in the 73rd issue of its al-Naba weekly newspaper an infographic on operations in East Asia, and specifically the Philippines, and promoted the suicide bombing on a Special Forces’ camp in the capital of Bangladesh.

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Countries: Bangladesh,Philippines
Periodicals: al-Naba
Groups: Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL)


The Islamic State’s (IS) al-Hayat Media Center released the 7th issue of Rumiyah magazine, featuring in the English version an article by a Finnish woman, and in the German edition, a piece inciting to kill “imams of disbelief” in Germany and Austria.

Tags: Jihadist News: Statements
Periodicals: Rumiyah
Media Groups: Hayat Media Center (IS)
Groups: Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL)


The Islamic State (IS) incited its supporters to attack American, European, and other Western economic interests, as well as those of Arab states, in the 70th issue of its al-Naba newspaper.


Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released the 16th issue of “Inspire” magazine, focusing on the bombings in Seaside Park, New Jersey, and Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in New York in September 2016, and giving guidance to lone wolves for similar attacks.

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Al-Naba newspaper of the Islamic State (IS) interviewed the group's "governor" for West Africa Province, discussing the founding of what was known as "Boko Haram" and its pledge to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, its war with the Nigerian and regional governments, and its desire to bomb every church its fighters can reach.

The Islamic State (IS) promoted its attack at the Holey Artisan café in Bangladesh, and the lone-wolf attacks in its name in America, France, and Germany in an infographic published in al-Naba newspaper. The 41st issue of al-Naba for the Hijri year 1437 was distributed on Telegram and Twitter on August 2, 2016.