Jama'at Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen (JNIM), al-Qaeda's (AQ) branch in Mali, claimed a suicide bombing on a French military patrol in Timbuktu and criticized alleged attempts by France to hide its losses, and additional took credit for attacks on Malian security forces and members of the MSA and GATIA movements.

Tags: Jihadist News: Statements
Countries: France,Mali
Media Groups: Zallaqa (JNIM)
Groups: Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen (JNIM)


The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement, al-Qaeda's (AQ) branch in Somalia, claimed shelling an American base inside Baledogle Airfield in Lower Shabelle, killing three U.S. soldiers and five Somali Special Forces, and took credit for attacks on Somali soldiers elsewhere in the region.

Tags: Jihadist News: Statements
Countries: Somalia
Media Groups: Shahada News Agency
Groups: Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement



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