A Neo-Nazi social media account implied to belong to a U.S. resident recently celebrated the Christchurch, New Zealand terrorist attack via images praising the attacker, guns and edited clips of the attack, adding to his existing collection of violent posts against Jews, Muslims, and racial minorities.

Tags: Group Names (FRFL): Atomwaffen Division
Locations (FRFL): North America,United States
Targets (FRFL): Civilian, Political, Public Figure, Religious


White Supremacists and neo-Nazis recently reacted to the Mosque attacks that occurred in Churchchrist New Zealand, part of which was livestreamed by the attacker, while some thought that the attack damaged the credibility of the movement, others showed no remorse for so-called “invaders,” and some even considered it a “win.”

Tags: Targets (FRFL): Religious


One of the men allegedly responsible for the attacks on mosques in New Zealand – so far identified as Brenton Tarrant – noted that his inspiration for the attack came from people like Anders Breivik and Dylann Roof, and rationalized his actions as part of an overarching fight against so-called “White Genocide” in a manifesto he had posted online prior to his shootings.

Tags: Targets (FRFL): Religious