White Supremacists characterized reported “suspicious devices” that were supposedly sent to the residence of the Obamas, the Clintons, as well as CNN’s New York building as being “fake” for the purposes of stirring publicity before the up-coming midterm elections, while a few other comments seemed to celebrate the news.


White Supremacists celebrated a supposed home-made explosive device that was left in the mailbox of billionaire philanthropist and favored target of the far-right for the role he plays in many conspiracy theories, George Soros. Other, more incredulous forum members characterized the report of a bomb as a false flag orchestrated by Soros himself.


White Supremacists lauded the appearance of a noted White Nationalist (WN) and Executive Director of the anti-Immigration, WN group Identity Europa named Patrick Casey, who appeared on the Today Show and – by most accounts on the forum – delivered a convincing sales pitch for the group’s ultimately racist message.