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A neo-Nazi recently released a podcast in which he called the New Zealand Mosque attacks “genius,” suggested that other far-right fascists prepare for societal collapse and subsequant “revolution,” and appealed to more moderate “right-wingers” who supported Trump to “join” or be a “coward.”

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The Great Replacement2

Anonymous users on a chan board recently urged New Zealanders to steal guns as a response to the country’s recent ban on assault rifles, and also advised other actions such as ones of violence or vandalism, such as burning down mosques to “accelerate” a conflict along racial and religious lines.

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A Neo-Nazi social media account implied to belong to a U.S. resident recently celebrated the Christchurch, New Zealand terrorist attack via images praising the attacker, guns and edited clips of the attack, adding to his existing collection of violent posts against Jews, Muslims, and racial minorities.

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Targets (FRFL): Civilian, Political, Public Figure, Religious