An activist website recently celebrated an incendiary attack against a relay antenna in the French commune of Saint-Saturnin, which supposedly resulting in the the whole area losing television service, mobile phones, and radio service for over 150,000 people.

Tags: Group Names (FRFL): Anarchists
Locations (FRFL): France
Targets (FRFL): Infrastructure


A far-right forum thread recently discussed the validity of a so-called “Brown-Red Alliance” that could be forged between fascists and those on the authoritarian left, often derogitorily referred to as “tankies” for their apologia concerning the regimes of the Soviet Union and Communist China under Mao Zedong.

Tags: Locations (FRFL): Europe,North America
Targets (FRFL): Political


The social media account of a survivalist militia with definitive White Supremacist beliefs recently shared what appeared to be a propaganda image praising so-called “Acceleration,” an internet meme that has grown in popularity with the far-right since the Christchuch shooting, and has become shorthand for the use of violence to provoke further conflict.

Tags: Group Names (FRFL): The Base
Locations (FRFL): United States
Targets (FRFL): Civilian