With a focus in Naba 179 on the Easter Day bombings in Sri Lanka, the Islamic State (IS) featured an article on the operation, providing details absent from its prior communique and reports, and an infographic summarizing and visualizing the data.

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The Islamic State's 'Amaq News Agency released a video of a fighter from its West Africa Province (ISWAP) beheading an African Multi-National Joint Task Force (MJTF) soldier taken prisoner in Nigeria, while the group claimed additional attacks in neighboring Niger.

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Sri Lanka Attack cover

Members of an Indonesian Islamic State (IS/ISIS)-linked Telegram group praised the April 20, 2019, Sri Lanka Easter bombings and discussed targeting Chinese nationals and churches in Indonesia, inciting “Allah willing, there will be another more powerful attack.”

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Islamic State (IS) supporting groups al-Battar Media Foundation and Noor al-Tawhid have each continued their promotion of the IS-claimed Sri Lanka bombings, with one inciting to target Christians, and the other hoping for similar attacks in America, Britain, France, and Germany.


An activist website recently celebrated an incendiary attack against a relay antenna in the French commune of Saint-Saturnin, which supposedly resulting in the the whole area losing television service, mobile phones, and radio service for over 150,000 people.

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A far-right forum thread recently discussed the validity of a so-called “Brown-Red Alliance” that could be forged between fascists and those on the authoritarian left, often derogitorily referred to as “tankies” for their apologia concerning the regimes of the Soviet Union and Communist China under Mao Zedong.

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In promotion of the claim by the Islamic State (IS) for the Sri Lanka attacks, IS-linked groups and jihadi supporters have published posters, infographics, and a video, each celebrating the coordinated bombings, and one warning other countries, in particular, the United Kingdom and the whole of Europe.

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